Do you know your reason why?

I’ll bet that if you are like many photographers and business owners, you have lost sight of your reason why over time.

But did you know that your reason why is an incredibly powerful tool that you should be using in your business and marketing every day?

Let me show you why knowing why you do what you do has the power to make all the difference to the success of your business.

Why Your Why Is Important

The first reason is because I see so many of you not achieving your goals, getting distracted, being busy but not achieving much. With little or no focus.

I see so many photographers say they want a successful and prosperous photography business but they don’t commit to achieving that.

So many of your actions are incongruent with what you say you want.

Have you ever said you wanted something and then immediately prioritised something totally different, putting off even the simple two minute thing that will take you towards what you say you want?

I would bet that most of you have done that at some point in time. I know I have.

And nine times out of ten, it is because you have lost sight of your why, or you never even knew it in the first place.

So I Ask You, What Is Your Reason Why?

Why have you invested so much time, energy and money into creating a photography business?

Why do you want a successful photography business?

What objectives, goals will having a successful business enable you to achieve?

What will it do for your life?

Your family?

Why is this important for you?

When you can answer this question, and keep it forefront of mind it will help keep you on track, focused, your actions will become congruent with your why.

You will know you are getting close to your true, deep why when you can place that why on Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs (you can discover more about that in this article).

Sharing Your Reason Why Will Bring You More Clients

And when you know your why, share it.

Share it with your prospects.

Share it with your clients.

They will see elements of themselves in these why’s. It will help them know and understand why they want what you offer. That will pull them towards you. Start to use these motivations in your story telling,  social media posts, blog posts, bio’s. And when you do this, everything becomes more powerful, relatable, attractive. That is the second reason that knowing why you do what you do is so important to your success, and the success of your photography business.

We were talking about this very subject in the Prosperous Photographer’s Club the other day. One member wrote this “I met a family in Spain last week that are friends of friends and the mum said she was going to do what I say and exist in photos – I didn’t even prompt her!”.

And then another member wrote “I actually shared a personal post on my blog the other day about my growing confidence and the engagement and reactions I got on Facebook were outstanding. Lots of supportive comments and a completely organic reach about three times bigger than my actual page likes. Definitely going to bring more of that into my business strategy from now on and this has really got me thinking.”

When you truly understand your why, it becomes easier to not only commit to achieving your dreams, it also becomes easier to stand out in a sea of crowded photographers.


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