WOW Your Audience And Improve Your SEO By Creating In Depth Content

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In Depth Content

It is no longer enough to add short blog posts without much value to your website and wait for the money to roll in. People, and the search engines are looking for quality content and information that will bring value. These days, to truly establish yourself as a thought leader, and an authority you need to give value – creating longer, more in depth content that will truly show your audience what you know that benefits them.

Creating in depth content has many benefits. By bringing the value of in depth content to your audience you will:

  • Keep them on your site longer.
  • Grow your status as a thought leader and / or authority.
  • Which in turn encourages people to return to your site.
  • Improve your SEO rankings.
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It is often said that people do not  want to read longer content, or watch long videos right. Well, that’s true to an extent. But there are reasons why you want to write longer content that is deeper, offers more facts, and engages your audience in a more meaningful way. You can truly delve into a topic with more words than you can if you stick to 500 words.

  • Longer Features Equate to Higher Quality
  • People Tend to Share Longer Content More
  • The Author Can Dig Deeper
  • Helps Eliminate People Who Aren’t Serious
  • You Can Include More Visuals
  • Search Engines Like Long Content

Types of Content

There are different types of content that lend themselves to digging deeper.

  •  Long Blog Posts – Instead of writing a series and posting them separately, try posting the series as one long in depth blog post. As well as being very useful to your audience this is something that will keep your readers on your website longer than a few seconds. This will help with your search engine rankings too. When Google sees that people are going to some content and spending longer there, they will recommend that particular content more often.
  •  Feature Articles – A feature article, like a long blog post, requires more research and a different format than shorter more general articles and blog posts. Writing long articles of 1500 words will demonstrate your authority. It will also show your knowledge and expertise in a clear way. This will be useful to you and your audience. Often a long article will quote other authorities, books, papers and individuals to further the points being made in the article.
  •  White Papers – A white paper is traditionally used in government and education circles, although they are used more and more by businesses these days. The intent of a white paper is to give authoritative information to guide the readers to answers about an issue that matters to them or a service / product that they are considering. Usually, the point is to help readers make a choice to do something like buy a particular product or service or vote a certain way. Typically the white paper will describe benefits, present a set of questions, tips or points about the topic, as well as recommendations and solutions.
  •  Case Studies – This type of content usually is pretty long because a case study covers so much. Remember to define the problem,  offer the solution and share the results via the case studies that you publish. This will certainly keep people reading. People like reading how a solution worked for other people, so case studies are a great choice for longer content. 
  • Instructional Videos – As mentioned earlier, common preference around the web is to create short videos, but sometimes you want to create a longer video that can go into greater detail and give more value. Videos are known to grab the attention of the audience, and what better way to demonstrate your knowledge and build authority than a long, in depth video tutorial on an important topic for your niche.

If you do choose to post longer and more in depth content to impress your audience, remember to make the long content more appealing visually by adding images, plenty of  subheadings, headers and bullet points.

Remember too, it is also okay to send people to  a new page for the rest of the content and different sections of the content, if you don’t want the long content to appear on only one page of your website. Not only will longer, more in depth content create greater value to your readers, building your authority, it is also essential for good SEO in today’s search engine climate.

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