Why Outsourced Photo Editing Works: Pros & Cons

Some photographers prefer doing image retouching themselves and wouldn’t outsource photo editing services, as they simply love the process. It allows them to show their creativity and do whatever they want to their images, having full control from the start to the finish. Sometimes, photographers just can’t afford the outsource photo editing or feel a little bit worried about being scammed by a retoucher. But, if you manage to find a great retoucher and build a kind of a rapport, you can trust him/her and may even bargain for cheap retouching services.

On the other hand, some specialists rely on image retouching companies if they need to deliver images to their clients very fast, but they feel too busy with other orders. There are always two sides of the same coin, so let’s look at the pros and cons of outsourcing photo editing.


Pros & Cons of Outsourcing Your Photo Editing

Nowadays, outsourcing photo editing is becoming more and more popular. Some photographers will use these services when they have their hands full at busy times, while others do so on a regular basis. Nevertheless, there is still some uncertainty as to its value in the minds of many photographers.

Photographers, who are only starting to explore the profession, are often very sceptical of the value of the photo editing services for photographers and may feel confused, trying to understand whether it is worthwhile or not.

A good old fashioned pros & cons list may be super useful if you need to figure out whether or not outsourcing image editing is right for you. Although specific plus and minus may be important to individuals, we have tried to create the most general and multiuse listing.




The variety of photo editing services is rather rich – from $1 to $100 per photo. You can google “photo editing services near me” and find some great variants. It is possible to find a retoucher either on a full-time or a part-time basis and specify what services you are interested in. Besides, there are lots of freelance retouchers, who perform quality outsource photo editing any time you need. Read reviews and browse their portfolios before placing your order.


Lack of Control

There is a percentage of photographers who are accustomed to doing all the photo manipulations themselves and they just can’t trust even the best photo editing services. It is too hard for them to let anybody else perform their picture editing, as they perceive their own work as something unique and unequalled.

Though each photographer has his/her own style, it may be very useful to relax your grip and let a specialist professional demonstrate his/her skills and oustource photo editing. Besides, there is a number of specific manipulations, which require no originality and may be applied to the majority of photos. All in all, you will have to check the work done and, in doing so, maintain full control.


Learning From Your Own Mistakes

When you perform photo retouching yourself, you always get a chance to see your own mistakes, which is very useful. Every time you have to fix something, using special software, you will understand how some problems may be predicted and eliminated, while shooting. Thus, your practical skills will be boosted. In the case of outsourcing photo editing, you will get the result of the work not knowing all the improvements which have been made.


Missing Interesting Peculiarities

There are lots of parameters that can be changed and sliders which can be moved during photo editing. While doing such manipulations, it is possible to see some very interesting “gems” which aren’t obvious when you start working with a photo. If you want to outsource photo editing, you should be ready to miss such interesting specifics. “Playing” with a picture may be very useful for your professional growth.



Working Time

This advantage is one of the most important, as photographers are usually overwhelmed with dozens of tasks to cope with. You should figure out how much time you will be able to save when you outsource photo editing. It may be spent on other activities, which will bring you additional profit. Value your professional time and set priorities smartly.


Turn Around

The more orders you have, the more time you need to spend on picture editing. For instance, if you shoot weddings every weekend, it becomes almost impossible to get images back to your clients very fast. Moreover, the quality of the photos may be poor, which will spoil your reputation. That’s why it may be helpful to outsource wedding photo editing. Besides, as a photographer you will have to provide different types of photo sessions, communicate with your clientele, take care of the legal aspect of the business and have many other tasks to fulfil, so finding a professional and reliable photo editing company is a great choice. This way, you will be able to concentrate on other activities, satisfy your clients and earn more money.


Image Editing Time

Even if you are not too busy with shooting, you can still benefit greatly from the time saved by outsourcing photo editing. It may be very exhausting to edit pictures to a deliverable standard, so you can find photo editing outsource services to perform the basic requirements and then perfect the images even more. Of course, the clients will be glad to receive super-cool pictures and you will earn good money. Furthermore, your pleased clients will probably tell their friends about you and you will get more orders.


Fresh Look

Sometimes, if you have to edit your own photo, some of the defects are less prominent. You may see the most evident imperfections and pay no attention to minor ones. Why does it happen? It is easier to admit that somebody’s image needs the improvements, rather than your own. It is not so easy to agree that there is something wrong with your picture because of your personal connection to the image. But if you manage to do it once, it will never be a problem again. That’s why outsourcing photo editing is very effective.


Personal Activities

There are lots of other things in your life apart from work. An important key to the success of many top photographers is a balanced schedule, where working hours are intertwined with personal interests. Sometimes, it is very useful to outsource photo editing and spend the time with your family or just relax alone. You need to have a rest to return to work with renewed vigour.

To be satisfied and happy with  your  image editing service and the results you get, it is crucial to find the appropriate company to meet all your requirements. The best photo retouching services will not only enable you to concentrate on other tasks but will also bring your work to a new level. First of all, you need to find a retoucher or a company, who is reliable enough to send them your pictures. Read about the possible candidates, look through their work and compare the prices. Then, you need to get in touch with the person you have chosen, explain your requirements and agree upon all the details. If you feel that the retoucher treats your order carelessly or you have some doubts about his/her professionalism, don’t hesitate to find somebody else. The ideal retoucher must understand your style and do his/her best to match it.

Choosing either cheap retouching services or the best photo editing services available, you have to be ready to reduce your control and let the professionals do their job, just like you as a professional photographer do your job. And remember too, before digital, most photographers focused on taking the photos leaving the developing and printing to professionals in that field.

If you have made up your mind to try outsourcing your photo editing, here is a very useful review of the best 25 photo editing services to draw a comparison between their work, turnaround time, cost, and the ease of placing an order. Though every company has a very unique approach, they all have proven the quality of the services they offer.

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