A little while back I joined a  live Q&A with Kalyn from Facebook. She manages accounts for businesses marketing on the Facebook platform and so has a lot of insight into what is working right now.

In this video, I share the questions and answers – topics covered include:

– The upcoming integration of the Instagram inbox into the FB page inbox for ease of management – this has been much requested.

– does scheduling posts via external apps impact reach?

– How does reach of a FB live compare to uploading videos and FB Premieres?

– If you were to run a marketing campaign for a small business just getting started with a £10/day budget, what would your strategy be?

– Does Facebook still see a role for pages, or in other words are they dead?

– What type of content and how do you recommend starting from scratch to create a pool of warm leads to build relationships with audience ?

And more.

Listen to hear the answers.


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