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[00:00:00] It’s Louise Beattie here with another answer to one of your questions. And this time Darren asks “a lot of photographers and videographers have solid businesses built on getting referrals from wedding planners so they have really big jobs. I want to compete for those jobs but it’s going to be really hard because of their long term relationships. How would I go about getting some of those jobs?”.

[00:00:24] If they’ve got long term relationships, it’s going to be a case of being patient building, the relationship but also don’t make assumptions. I had a client who approached a local business who served the same target market as she did, similar instance to you with wedding planners but this was a different genre of photography and she assumed because she’d seen a link and some stuff about another photographer on their website that they wouldn’t be interested in a partnership. It turned out partnership wasn’t really happening. She wasn’t, for whatever reason you know they weren’t really working together she’d just never taken the links down and she got a foot in the door.

[00:01:06] One of the easiest ways, is give them an incentive to send business to you. Obviously build the relationship. How can you help them, go with that approach but offer them a referral incentive, an affiliate payment. It’s quite a common practice in a lot of industries. I know some photographers shy away from it.

[00:01:26] It could be, I don’t know, you do you’d have to know your numbers ind Jamaican dollars. You’d have to work it out but, you know I’ve got a client who gives a wedding planner a hundred pound for every booking she sends him. His average sale value I think last time we spoke was about this was about £2000 a wedding, maybe more. I’m not too sure but you know you do have to do your numbers based on your business, your costs, and your profit levels. What it’s worth to you to get those jobs. And that would absolutely be the probably easiest way is to give them an incentive like that. It’s certainly not an uncommon practice. Hope that helps Darren and have fun.

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Louise Beattie is has presented well-received Masterclasses at the SWPP Convention in London, been commissioned to photograph Prince Charles and world championship motorcycle racer Scott Redding twice. She is the founder of the Prosperous Photographer and coaches photographers who want to fill their diary with high-quality clients, grow their business and increase their profits.


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