All marketing tactics work, but not all marketing tactics will work for you, your business or your local market.

We have become spoilt for choice these days. There are so many tactics (by that I mean Facebook, direct mail, advertising, networking, putting your prices on your website, not putting your prices on your website, sending emails, competitions, giveaways, blogging, referrals and on and on).

And so many rock star photographers and gurus telling us that we should do this, we should do that. Because it worked for them.

But what they don’t tell you is that you can’t just copy them, what worked for them in their target market, with their photography style, their personality, won’t necessarily work for you.

All of these marketing tactics work when applied in an appropriate way for you and your business.

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But they won’t work for everyone. It depends on your target market, your personality, your business, your goals, what you can commit to your business and more.

And the world is full of people telling you do this, do that, this is the latest and greatest tactic.

But half the time they tell you what the tactic is, how to do the tactic, but they miss the crucial step of telling you how to make it work for YOU and YOUR market.

So stop listening to all the gurus, understand your target market and use the marketing tactics that fit that.

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Not all photographers are the same, not all markets are the same, and clients are most definitely not all the same.

That’s why you need to understand your target market first and focus on developing a strategy that you can plug tactics into as appropriate.

You can’t do all the tactics. You haven’t got the bandwidth or capacity for that unless you have a team and even then you are going to struggle.

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So know your goals, what you are prepared to commit, your target market and then put a strategy together that will take you towards those goals.

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