I Treat Myself With Kindness And Patience – Reflection

I deserve to be treated with kindness and patience. I expect this from others and myself as well.

It is easy to be too hard on myself at times. I remind myself that am I worthy of kindness and patience. My life is more fulfilling when I support myself completely. I find my capacity to love myself continues to blossom.

When I notice I am becoming impatient with myself, I take a deep breath and focus on staying positive. I have all the time I need to get things done. I am free from feeling rushed. I am learning to enjoy those things that provide a challenge. I understand that some tasks take longer to master than others.

I avoid expecting perfection from myself. Such an attitude is unrealistic and has negative consequences. By having realistic expectations, I am able to give an honest effort in everything I do. My attitude gives me the strength to succeed.

I avoid condemning myself or engaging in negative self-talk. I am very quick to notice negative self-talk and immediately think more positive thoughts. My self-talk improves each day and supports me.

Today, I am treating myself with the greatest amount of kindness and patience possible. I know I am worthy of treating myself with love and respect.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some ways I could treat myself better?
  2. What are the consequences of being unkind and impatient towards myself?
  3. How would my life improve if I treated myself as my best friend?


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