Building a photography business, any business, is a long term game even if most photographers wish it wasn’t!

It’s about putting in place a long term strategy that gives you a profitable and sustainable business.

However, it is totally possible to get quick wins along the way that give you a boost and help you speed up the process.

And today I want to share three of the eight I share with Academy clients:


1: The Five Step Persuasion Formula

Very few photography businesses take the time to systematically implement the five principles of persuasion throughs out their marketing.

I’m not going to go into detail about this here but you can read all about it in this article, including the five questions to ask:

The first, and most obvious place to start is to implement this on your website and the article is written with websites in mind, but the principles apply to all of your marketing.


2: Customer Reactivation Campaign

Most photographers are so focused on bringing in new clients that they forget about their existing ones. Many just need a gentle reminder and/or a reason to come back. I have many clients who have repeat photography clients, even in the family portrait niche. And it doesn’t have to always be for a brand new shoot – you could make an offer for purchasing additional images later in the year – Christmas is a classic time for this, but with a little creativity there are “reasons” that you can use to make an offer!


3: Limited Time Special

This is a classic way to generate some extra cash flow and encourage fence sitters. Again there are all kinds of ‘reasons’ you can use to make a special offer – from holidays, the launch of a new product and seasonal changes to your birthday. Many photographers worry that this will bring in lower quality clients who don’t spend much when it comes to the overall sale. However, in testing this with my clients we have found that this is rarely the case and the average sale value is maintained or even increased with the added bonus of an influx of new clients, who will bring in referrals and can also become repeat clients.


These are just 3 out of the 8 quick wins I share with my clients and Prosperous Photographer Academy Members to help them get a cash injection and boost their business so that they can work towards their goals more quickly.

They might sound simple or even obvious, but I know from working with lots of photographers that these are rarely implemented.

And I guarantee you that the simpler you keep your business the easier it will be.

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