In this video, I explain the Business Crisis Trend and the 5 stages that businesses typically progress through in times of crisis and recession.

It’s key to progress through the first stages as quickly as possible so that you can enter the Evaluation and Deliberate Action Phases as soon as possible. This is the key to business survival.

What lies ahead for business right now…

In this short video I show you:

  • The documented pattern that businesses go through in times of recession triggered by a crisis.
  • The point in the curve you want to get to as quickly as possible so that your business can come out of this stronger.
  • The speed of your progression through this curve is dependent on your actions and not the recovery of the economy.


When you understand what is coming, then you are in a better position to prepare for what is coming and to take the right actions now and in the coming months.

The longer you stay in the first two stages, the more at risk your business is.

You want to get to stage 3 as quickly as possible and from there, move forward deliberately, taking the right actions at the right times.

If you are ready to jump to stage 3 and what some help evaluating where your business is now and the deliberate action you need to take to come out of this with a stronger business, message me.


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