The One Thing You Must Confront Before It Kills Your Business


Modesty in marketing is a seductive, diseased monster that you must confront before it kills your business.

I know that might sound a bit over the top, but I do that on purpose. You see business and the marketplace is a Darwinian, competitive environment.

]Nobody is going to dig through the maze of your website to figure out what’s truly unique and valuable about you.

YOU must figure that out, and then STAND TALL and make it abundantly clear above the fold for everyone to see.

I know that many of us don’t like to big ourselves up, but the trumpets won’t toot themselves as my husband likes to say.

So no matter how attractive it might be to play by society’s polite rules and be modest…

…you MUST highlight the unique in your unique selling proposition – AND – move your strongest, most relevant proof above the fold to support it!

That means it needs to be one of the first things someone sees when arriving on your website, not hidden in the depths of a menu 3 levels deep.


There are two forms of modesty holding business back today:


Proof Hiding Disease

The inexplicable need of site owners to bury their best proof deep in the site in sheepish statements that hardly anyone reads (we are not just talking testimonials here – there are 30 types of proof that you can use).


Uniqueness Hiding Disease

That strange psychological force which says “there’s nothing so special about me, my company, or my offer” and then it makes you bury anything which IS special deep within your site.
Remember – your customer is not looking for “a” way to solve their problem, they are looking for THE BEST WAY to solve it and Uniqueness Hiding Disease makes it impossible for them to know what’s different and better about your offer.

So work out what’s unique about YOUR business, offer, and/or you yourself and highlight it front and centre!
Are you an entrepreneur or business owner who is struggling with their online marketing…who wants to attract more new clients, improve customer value, and dramatically increase your bottom line? Do you want to:
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  • Discover how to make a unique promise that none of your competitors can currently match?
  • Cure your business of “Uniqueness Hiding Disease” which makes it impossible for clients to know what’s different and better about your offer?

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