The Friday Review – 21st June

Welcome to the first Friday Review, when I asked for feedback on this idea I received a positive response so here goes…


The Week In Review

The past months have seen me focusing on simplifying my business. It’s been a lot of effort, however, it’s been worth it.

I’ve changed some of the tools I use – from the tech stack for the client and members portal to my email service provider.

This is now starting to pay huge dividends in my day to day working life.

Everything takes so much less time, it’s more of a pleasure now that things are simpler and easier to use, and this is bringing me more ease and flow, which leads to achieving more and being able to think much more clearly.

I was already living my ideal life in that I work from home and choose what I do when and where. Everything now is about upgrades and this has been a great upgrade.

This week, with a small group of business owners, I participated in a Live Call with Kalyn from Facebook. She manages accounts for luxury businesses and helps them get the most from their Facebook accounts and ads. We had the opportunity to ask questions and learned what is working right now on Facebook.

 More on this later.

 I’m also getting ready to launch Notes From Working A Better Life.

A bit like this weekly review but on steroids, where I will go much deeper into how I’ve been able to create my ideal life through my own business.

More on that soon, but if you want to be one of the first to know when it launches just click this link.


What I’m Reading

Creating A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

I’m on my second read of this book now plus I have also listened to the audio version. I read and make notes on this book every day when I get back from walking Duke and Midge.

 It is the only “personal development” book that has actually helped me to retune my mind as it teaches you how to think, unlike most personal development books that just tell you what too think. This is a subtle but profound difference.


Marketing & Business Tip

This week I want to share with you what I learned on the call with Kalyn on theFacebook Q&A call.

 There are some valuable lessons in the call.

I did a Facebook Live where I shared the questions asked and Kalyn’s answers.

 Topics covered include:-

  • The upcoming integration of the Instagram inbox into the FB page inbox for ease of management – this has been much requested.
  • does scheduling posts via external apps impact reach?
  • How does reach of a FB live compare to uploading videos and FB Premieres?
  • If you were to run a marketing campaign for a small business just getting started with a £10/day budget, what would your strategy be?
  • Does Facebook still see a role for pages, or in other words are pages dead?
  • What type of content and how do you recommend starting from scratch to create a pool of warm leads to build relationships with audience?

It’s just 16 minutes long and you can watch it here at this link.

What I Learned This Week

That the more I know I have enough time, the more I have enough time.



The tool I’m recommending this week is ConvertKit.

 It is an email autoresponder/broadcast service like MailChimp designed for creators. It’s the app I used to write this email.

 I love that the interface is clean and simple – it just feels so much nicer to log in and create. Before I was using ActiveCampaign which has a lot of great marketing and automation features, however, I found that in spite of my best intentions I just wasn’t using half of them and their email editor was really buggy when it came to formatting emails.

 So I would put off writing emails.

 Now I can do everything in far fewer clicks and it feels so much better.

 Also, the customer service is great – a response in a few hours compared to a few days with Active Campaign. And you get every feature no matter what plan you are on.

 You can check it out here.

(That is an affiliate link, however, it makes no difference to what you pay)


What I’m Excited About

The feedback I have been receiving on the Captivating Content training we have been doing in the Inner Circle (also available to Focus-Action-Results and private clients. My favourite comment is “mindblown”.

 We’ve covered how to develop your persona so that you have a natural and unique voice that is you, how to generate ideas easily so that you are never short for something to write or speak about again (seriously), and a framework to structure your content whilst also making it captivating and engaging.


What I’m Avoiding

Creating a proper sales page for the Working A Better Life Inner Circle (I’m just using the cart page at the moment!)

 That’s all for this weeks Friday Review.

 Let me know whether you liked it or not, what you would like to see more of or less of.


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