The Five Mistakes Keeping Smart Businesses Broke


Do you make these mistakes with your business?

They’re common. I’ve made every single one of these mistakes in business too.


A Desperate Problem

Does your product or service solve a truly DESPERATE problem?

If not can you reposition your product or services to solve a problem that people feel is desperate, urgent or vital to their life right now?

By that I mean can you describe a specific problem in passionate emotional detail?

How can you specifically target customers who already feel the pain you can help them solve?


Unique Promise

Are you offering a unique promise that is distinctly different from your competitors? Is your promise a well-researched benefit that speaks directly, passionately and specifically to the prospect’s desperate problem.

Is this one of the first things that your prospects will see and is it such a show stopper for someone with the desperate problem that you have defined, that there will be absolutely no reason for them to even consider doing business with any other vendor in the market?


Overwhelming Proof

Do you offer overwhelming proof for every promise you make. Great ads don’t have “just enough” proof… they contain overwhelming proof. There are many different types of proof that you can offer  including, testimonials, specialisation, studies, demonstrations, guarantees, reasons why and many more. The most valuable proof speaks directly to your ability to deliver on the specific unique promise you’ve made.


An Irresistible Offer

Are you making an irresistible offer worth considerably more than the asking price? Will it be more painful to ignore your offer and go about their day than exchange money for it. Is it totally risk free for them?

The irresistible offer ties everything together. It is where you essentially say “Ok, I’ve shown you my intimate knowledge of your specific desperate problem. I’ve got a solution to this specific problem you can’t get anywhere else in the world. And I’ve proven beyond a shadow of doubt that it’s real, it works, and I’m a trustworthy individual. Now here’s the best part which makes buying from me an absolute no brainer…  you can get this for a lot less than you think, and the risk is on me!?


A Reason To Act Now

Are you asking for an immediate action? Is your reason for scarcity believable and trustworthy? Would it motivate a lazy person to jump out of bed in the middle of the night and take action before the deadline is over? Remember, if you really do address a desperate problem with a unique promise, overwhelming proof and an irresistible offer your prospects would actually be WORSE OFF if they don’t purchase from you…


It’s amazing all the mistakes you can make in business and still be wildly successful. And it is amazing just how much many businesses are leaving on the table just because of these five simple mistakes.


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