Ten Ways To Grow Your Email List Fast

email marketing 101tip - grow your list fastIn these days of social media it is easy to forget that one of the most important assets your business can have is a mailing list. So today, here are ten tips to help you grow your email list fast.

The Importance of Growing Your Email List Fast

If you are not convince of the importance of your email list here are some reasons why you should grow your email list:

  • When someone requests that you email them, it is a huge sign of trust. Everybody already gets too much email, so the fact that they are requesting that you be another inbox item is a huge commitment.
  • People won’t check your website every day (or week) but they check their email every five minutes.
  • It’s much easier to ignore a status update than a new inbox item.
  • You don’t own any of the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram. They can be gone very quickly and leave you scrambling as you try to figure out how to retain all the hard work put into building a following on this or that digital marketing channel.

You need to ensure that your time and financial investments are secure.  The way to do that is by making your email list the centrepiece of your online communications strategy. YOU own your email list.  Barring strange circumstances, the only person who can wreck your email list is you.

Growing your list isn’t just the result of a one-time process that you set up.  It is all about making the most of every opportunity to encourage your target market to sign up. You have to give them a reason for allowing you to show up in their inbox when you choose to. Ask yourself what is in it for them.

Savvy small business owners know there are many ways to do that, including these top list-building techniques.

1. Come from a place of “helping”

One of the biggest mistakes marketers make is to approach your readers and potential subscribers with the agenda of selling, pitching a product or getting something FROM somebody.

Create your sign up incentive, box and call-to-action from a place of sharing and giving.  This means genuinely (a) putting yourself in your potential subscriber’s shoes and (b) caring about how to make life instantly better for her and you will attract subscribers who will not only sign up for your incentive – they’ll remember your name.

2. Place  your email sign-up form in the “prime” area

Many studies and tests have shown that the best place to physically locate your sign-up box is near the top, right-hand corner of your web page, above the fold.

The only exception to this:  If you are writing a blog for left-handed people (seriously) – in which case, place it on the left.

The reason?  Most right-handed people’s eyes automatically glance up at the top right side of any web page they surf into – but southpaws tend to glance up and to the left!

3. Help people remember your name

It’s one thing to capture a subscription, but it’s a whole different ball game to get your new subscriber to remember who you are and why she should be excited to receive emails from you.

One way: Forego the double-opt-in process.  If you are offering a simple template or tip sheet, make it ridiculously easy for them and include the download immediately, right on the “Thanks for signing up” page.  (You can still send your welcome email detailing how often they’ll hear from you, what they can expect, etc.)

This instant download will be such a pleasant surprise, it will make you stand out from your competitors.

4. Include a sign-up link in every post

Don’t just rely on your web contact form placed in the sidebar of your website.  Make sure there is a way people can subscribe – and share – in every post.

You can do this by including a simple call to action at the end of every article. (E.g. “Sign up here to receive the latest tips, tricks and hacks to….”.)

5. Be specific

Is there an action you want your visitor to take?  The more specific and direct you are in telling them, the better response you’ll get.

For example, don’t just say:  “Sign up here to receive weekly updates”.  Say something like:  “Click here to receive our FREE report on 21 Ways To Grow Your Email List Fast”.

The more specific your offer, the better qualified it will be.

6. Don’t wait until your products finished before starting your list

Many people make the mistake of waiting until they finish a product before setting up a list. It’s better to start attracting and signing up subscribers immediately.

If you don’t yet have a product, there are two easy ways to go:

  • Offer a highly-relevant but simple incentive such as a tip sheet or template – especially if your template is for something that results from a recent change (e.g. Facebook Ad changes).
  • Offer something directly connected to your upcoming product —  let readers download a sample or report from your upcoming digital product, sign up to be notified when it is complete or sign up to receive “advance notice” at a special price

This second tactic also has the benefit of helping you gauge how popular your upcoming product is likely to be.

7. Make subscribing easy

Before adding Captcha forms and extra fields, put yourself in your visitor’s place.  Combine a simple but powerful incentive with drop-dead easy sign up.

Unless there is a specific reason for asking for more information, first name and email address is all you need. In fact, you don’t even need the first name. Make it as easy as possible to sign up

8. Be visual!

Remember the saying, “a picture speaks a thousand words”.  Design your sign-up web contact form or landing page so that it is compelling to the right visitor or viewer, i.e. your target market.

Use rich media.  Create annotations in YouTube videos.  Use color, space, contrast, size and anything else you can think of to draw attention to your sign-up offer or web contact form.

And do remember to suit your visual presentation to your audience.

9. Add your sign-up URL to your digital signature

Do this for forums and membership sites, where your digital signature is automatically included in posts; as well as right on your “Welcome” page or social media “About” sections.

10. Write Guest Posts or Be Interviewed

Another great way to generate sign-ups is to guest post on other blogs or be featured as a guest on podcasts and online radio talk shows.  (Just make sure your host will agree to promote your latest product or website URL.)

It always carries more weight when someone already respected in an industry or niche vouches for an “unknown”.  Interviews provide you with social proof, and you’re not left awkwardly blowing your own horn—your grateful host is likely to do that for you, very naturally and easily.

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