Strive For Balance In Life: Reflection And Affirmation

The time to relax is when you don't have time for it - quote on photo of person lying on hammock against sunset at the sea

I dedicate time in every day to all aspects of my life. I am committed to achieving balance, regardless of how each day turns out.

Although work takes up a lot of time, I ensure I spend some time on physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. This approach reminds me of all the things that are important to me.

If I am unable to exercise, I spend some time running around with my kids. That allows me to pay attention to my physical needs.

Each night, I meditate before bed. Doing so helps me to focus on things to be thankful for.

I avoid stifling my emotions because I am busy. I accept that my emotional well-being helps me to better handle life’s situations.

When I allow balance in my life, I have greater appreciation of my blessings. I remind myself of the things I have been able to accomplish. I am conscious that I am more blessed that many other people.

When achievements come my way, I am thankful. I avoid walking around with a sense of entitlement. It helps me to handle disappointments as well.

Today, I endeavour to pay attention to all aspects of my life. Balance helps me feel at peace with where I am in life.


Self-Reflection Questions:

Am I more conscious of the needs of others when I focus on all aspects of my life?

  1. How can I help my loved ones achieve balance?
  2. Are there days when I feel unaccomplished?
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