Do you ever find that you start something with good intentions to help you grow your photography business yet you never seem to follow through to the end?

You plan to complete it, implement what you learn yet somehow life or business always seem to get in the way?


You’re not alone.

Many photographers are like this. I have to guard against it myself.

That’s why I have a mentor and coach to keep me on track. I find that is one of the great benefits of working with a business a coach – it keeps me focused on the action I need to be taking so that I get the results I want.

Funnily enough, the same is true for my 1-2-1 clients.

It is not that my coach or I have superpowers when it comes to getting results. It’s just that having someone objective working with you ON your business is like having someone shine a light on what you need to do. Someone to keep nudging you coaxing you along so that you focus on taking that action.


The results follow naturally if you take the right action consistently.

Trouble is most people aren’t taking the right action consistently.

They may start off with good intentions.

But then they get distracted, they start going off on tangents. They maybe didn’t get the immediate results that they wanted with Instagram so as soon as the next “opportunity” comes along they jump all over it. Neglecting and wasting all the groundwork they put into what they were doing.


It’s a bit like sowing a field of corn and expecting to harvest two weeks later. Yet when two weeks is up, there is barely any sign of the seeds sprouting and a salesman comes knocking at your door and says forget corn, barley is where it’s at.

So you buy your barley seeds and sow them, and totally neglect the field of corn – it’s just left without any nurturing – no watering, on fertiliser and mostly dies off.

You might get a bit of corn grow but that’s more by chance so you decide that corn doesn’t work anyway.

Then the same thing happens with barley, then potatoes, carrots, it goes on and on. And you never get to harvest a crop, to reap what you have sown.

That’s what so many photographers and business owners do with marketing tactics.

That’s why having a coach, someone to keep you focused on taking the right actions so that you can enjoy the results is so beneficial.

First, you need to put in place really good foundations that will stand the test of time, that you can build a huge empire on if you wish.

Then you put in place systems that bring in leads and then filters out the bad prospects.

Only then are you ready to understand what is the best way for you to drive traffic to your site so that you can decide on a method and just focus on that consistently so that you get the results you desire.


Then you stick to it. Consistently. Day after day. Month after month. Rinse and repeat. Test and evolve, improve.


Yet I see so many getting distracted, wanting to go off down different paths without giving what they are already doing a chance to work.

Looking for quick fixes and silver bullets.

Have you genuinely given something a chance to work. Put in the effort to give it a chance to work?


You might think that you know this stuff, but until you do it, implement it, live it, you don’t know it at all. You just think you do.

It’s the same with all learning. And yes I’ve been guilty of it too. But these days I am very careful with the information I let into my life. I evaluate the ROI it will give me, and if I choose to invest I do the work, take action.

In spite of what you might see or hear elsewhere, it does take time to get a business going, to build that momentum.

There are very few genuine overnight successes in this world.

I’m not talking about a rush of clients from a promotion, I’m talking about a solid business, with repeatable success.

I wish I could tell you differently.

You’ve got to keep showing up consistently, taking one small step at a time until one day you look back and realise just how far you have come.

It can be a lonely journey at times, bloody hard too.

But it’s worth it.


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