WordPress – Why You Should Use It For Your Website

The Art of WordPressWordPress is the perfect website platform for anyone with a small business. However many are often put off because of the expense of paying a professional to do it for them. Or the belief that they can’t do it themselves. When your business grows you can invest in working with a professional developer. In the meantime there is no reason not to start a website yourself using WordPress.

WordPress has come along way since it first appeared in 2003. It is now widely recognised as the content management system to use for websites with businesses of all sizes using the platform. It is no longer the domain of blogging. WordPress can be used to develop professional and robust websites that go way beyond blogging. From e-commerce to portfolio sites.

Ease of Use

This has to be my favourite reason to use WordPress. If a website is not easy to use then you will not bother to update it. Your website needs to be fresh with regularly updated content to keep Google happy. This will also give your potential clients a reason to keep visiting.

Because WordPress has become so popular there is a huge support community if you are looking for some help. From free forums and YouTube videos to many WordPress experts who you can hire to do the tasks you are stuck with. Many hosting services even provide one click installation so you don’t even have to worry about how to install it.


Every business wants a unique website that will act as a virtual store front and reflect the business’ personality. WordPress is infinitely customisable and you do not even need to understand a word of code. If you wish you can pay a designer to create your own unique design or you can choose one of the many, many themes that are available. Many themes themselves are customisable with just a few clicks in the dashboard to give your site your own feel and you don’t need to know a word of code to do this.


Plugins are fabulous. They are like little modules that you can install on your WordPress website to add all sorts of functionality and personalisation. There are many free plugins available through the WordPress site, with reviews, and they range from widgets to add content, to text formatting, SEO functionality, social media buttons, image galleries, e-commerce and more. In addition there are also premium plug ins that you can buy that come with added support.

Search Engine Friendliness

Having a website is not much use if people can’t find it so you need it to be search engine friendly. WordPress blogs and websites often rank higher than other website platforms – they are designed to be search engine friendly. In addition there are also lots of plugins to improve the search engine optimisation. WordPress sites are often said to crawled by Google spiders faster than other platforms.


A huge community of developers work on continually improving and updating WordPress to ensure that it keeps up with the ever evolving technology. You don’t even need to check for updates – WordPress sends push notifications and one click installs the latest update. Couldn’t be easier.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

This may prove to be one of the most important reasons to use WordPress. Data shows that more and more people are accessing the internet via their smartphones and tablets. Good WordPress themes are responsive and / or created using html5. This means that they will look great on any device and that you do not need to create mirror sites for mobile devices.
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It’s Free

Yes WordPress itself is free. Don’t choose the WordPress hosted version. Instead register your own domain, choose a hosting provider and self host. You will have to pay a small fee for your domain and hosting but the WordPress software itself is free.

Please do self host with your own domain – it is much more professional looking and will give more trust in your business.

Media Support

Your website will look much better if you customise it and use images, video and audio – all of which will help make your site more individual and help you to provide varied content. WordPress has lots of support and plugins for adding media – from photos, to videos, slideshows, Google Maps and more. It is very flexible and easy to edit the appearance with media.


WordPress is already very secure, but being open source with a huge army of developers, any security weaknesses are soon fixed and updated. In addition there are a huge range of plugins to improve the security of your website and filter spam.


From blogs to full blown websites, if you can think of a use for your website it can probably be done in WordPress. From galleries and portfolios to online stores, rating and review websites to membership sites – it can all be done in WordPress.


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