Putting a Twist on Traditional Stories

Last blog post I told you about several common mistakes made when marketing with stories. This blog post is going to talk about the idea of putting a twist on traditional stories to add interest, fun and excitement to your story.

When telling your brand’s story, or your customers’ stories, a great way to peak interest is to do a play on traditional stories that we all grew up with, know and love. Boy meets girl can become boy meets product or service. Girl meets her prince charming can become girl buys her own park avenue suite because she followed your method to start a six figure business.

There are many ways in which to approach this. We can take some lessons from TV shows that use tried and true methods for bringing in new audiences, and exciting the ones they have. You know as well as I do that when something is good, people talk. If your story is good, and told in a unique and interesting way it will be shared.

The Guest Star — Know any movers and shakers who like your products or services? Ask them to tell you and your audience their story.

The Hero — It’s fun when the story culminates with a product or service saving the day and making someone’s life easier.

Coming of Age — This is a classic story where the main character has a revelation about a problem that changes his or her life.

Spin Offs — Remember the Taster’s Choice’s coffee commercials or the Country Crock commercials that became their own little series? The same can happen with a well told story about one or more of your consumers with follow ups and behind the scenes additions.

Drama — If you can add some drama into your stories you can shake up your audience in new ways. You can add obstacles in the way of your main character and then only at the last minute let your product or service form the solution that sets your character free.

Humor — Nothing is better than humor to sell a product or service. If you can find the humor (and your audience can too) in the needs, desires, hopes and dreams and even problems that your product or service brings to fruition or solves then you’ve got story gold.

Finally, it’s okay to use different forms of content to get your story out, in fact it’s best. Don’t just use one way to tell even the same story. Use text, audio, visual, images and more to make marketing with stories come alive. In truth, the biggest sin outside of understanding your audience you can make is being boring.

Next blog post we’ll talk about how you can avoid being boring by figuring out in advance what stories your audience wants to read.

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