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[00:00:00] Louise Beattie and I’ve got answers to one of your questions. This one is from Tova who says “I’d like to start taking more photos of business or more business portraits. I was thinking of sending a message via LinkedIn to people in my area. I need help with exactly what to write for this can you help me with this.”.

[00:00:19] I will say no absolutely because that’s not the strategy I would take. I would absolutely not approach people with a message in the first instance seeking business. I would put together a series of messages first of all reach out make a connection and find something to say about their business as to why you’re connecting with them. And then I would have a series of messages at least three or four, following that that you would send out every couple of weeks at the most. Giving them value so, educational so as business owners something that is valuable it doesn’t even have to be photography related to you say, and it could be sharing a link to an article that you thought would be of value to them. It could be a link to an article that you’ve written about but you don’t want it to be seeming salesy. And then you would ask for a call, you know fourth or fifth message you know say “Hey I’d love to connect and see if you can help each other in any way” and build it from there.

[00:01:30] That’s probably not the answer you wanted but it’s the one that’s most likely to get your results. But I certainly would not just send a cold message to people that you haven’t already connected with or you don’t know very well pitching for business. Build the relationship first, give value. Ask them how you can help them. You know, it could be do they need to make connections to someone in your network? It could be any number of things but make sure you’re giving value first and not just asking for business. Hope that helps Tova, bye bye.

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