What Not To Do In The Morning

There seems to be a proliferation of productivity  “What to Do First Thing In The Morning” posts and articles doing the rounds these days.

Things like “8 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast”.

If you were to take some of them to heart and follow through you would be either getting up at 3 am or not eating breakfast until mid-afternoon!

Many photographers are already feeling tired and overwhelmed with huge to-do lists without adding to the pressure so it’s time to call out the bullshit.

You do not have to ⬇️

  • make your bed
  • journal
  • do a full workout
  • meditate
  • read an educational book
  • Watch some comedy to put you in a good mood
  • Inhale with a net pot
  • Juice

Or any of the other things that “productive and successful” people do in the morning.


There is just one thing that you need to do consistently in the mornings and I’ll share that with you shortly, but first here are a few things that you should NOT do in the morning ⬇️

  • check your email
  • Respond to email
  • Check social media
  • Hit the snooze button
  • Do excessive exercise – minimum effective dose is enough
  • Force gratitude if it’s going to add stress to your day – gratitude is important however it works at any time of the day
  • Force meditation – it’s incredibly powerful, but not if it adds to your stress levels and overwhelm. I find that it is a great way to recharge my batteries in the afternoon when I have a bit of a slump.


So what is the one thing that you should do every morning to bring success?

👉Spend at least 15 minutes, but preferably an hour or two working without distractions on your biggest priority in life or business.

That’s it.

Focus on what matters to you without distraction consistently.

Do that and you will achieve more than most people ever do in a relatively short time.  It might sound simple, however, relatively few people do focus on their most important priority consistently and without distraction every morning.

Try it, let me know how much of a difference it makes in your life…


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