Pricing and Industry Going Rates (Retreat Photography)

November 24, 2018

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[00:00:01] Louise Beattie here and I’m here with ask me a question or answering your questions. So Abby said ” pricing, it’s still a minefield. One client says that’s expensive. Send the same pricing to another and they go wow, you’re really cheap.” Obviously, she hates that happening. She says “I know who is my ideal client, but my question is in the industry of for example retreat photography how do I find out what the going rate is?”

[00:00:34] There’s no real easy answer. I would say with great difficulty and probably unless photographers actually got together and started charging the same rate then there is gonna be no real going rate. You could probably get, possibly get a bit of an idea on who’s likely to go wow that’s cheap if it was a limited company and you went to Companies House and had a look at their accounts from previous years to get some idea of their marketing budget you know if you could be bothered with that and you know those that spend more market in a more likely to possibly more likely to be inclined to spend more on photography. I would actually say forget about a going rate because unless photographers get together and collude on that. And also I would imagine that the jobs are very varied of what the requirements for what one company wants are going to be varied from the amount of images to you know the usage.

[00:01:39] I don’t know. I’ve never done retreat photography so I’m assuming that but I would say start with what you’re happy with. Start from there and then just work on putting your prices up maybe 10 to 15 percent a year.

[00:01:54] If you’re finding that people are saying you’re cheap enough say that you’re cheap you are booking them, you know with jobs quite easily and enough jobs just edge your prices up 10 15 percent every so often. You know if you’re booking loads of retreat shoots and more than you can handle or you’re booking them without any real problem you know maybe put your price up every three to six months. It’s just a case of finding that balance and making sure that you’re happy with the amount your charging and not quoting anything less than you are going to feel happy with you if you don’t want to do the job and feel that you’ve been ripped off. I know it’s probably not really the answer you’re looking for but yeah I don’t think there would be a set going rate. Every retreat company is gonna be a bit different as well and they’re going to have different values and different budgets for marketing too. So it depends on their values too though they’re all going to have I would imagine very different business models some are going to be much more exclusive and high end than others and some are going to be bigger companies some are gonna be smaller companies. So I hope that helps a little bit Abby probably not really the answer you’re looking for but it’s an honest answer. You know I would say stop worrying about others and just worry about you know what you’re going to be happy with. OK. Hope that helps.

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