Why Most Photographer Websites Are Poor At Getting Clients

As I write this, it’s a grey and dull day outside. Even the colours of the autumn leaves aren’t standing out today.

It reminds me of the fact that many photographers websites don’t stand out from each other – often times I can tell just by seeing the site what theme they are using or what photographers they have studied with or been inspired by.

And those very same photographers complain that they are competing on price and struggling to book clients.


Is it any wonder that potential clients shop on price when they are given very little to differentiate one photographer from another?


If you are like most photographers, your photography is the main focus of your website. Stunning images, which are the focus of attention. And very little copy.


This is a big mistake.


Even though you sell photography, the images on your website serve the purpose of proof, NOT selling your photography and services.

Proof that you are good enough, proof that you can deliver what you promise.


They are not, however, the promise or solution you are making to your prospects problems/needs/desires.

Most of your clients don’t actually want your photography. They want what your photography gives them, enables for them.


Depending on the genre you photograph, that could be anything from how your photography makes them feel, to selling more products, houses and just about anything else.


When you address these needs and desires in writing on your website, your prospects are going to connect with you much more easily, because they can see that you understand them, and can, therefore, solve their problem/fulfil their desire.


If you just leave it to chance with a portfolio of photography your prospects can’t make that connection and are far more likely to click away never to return again.

Food for thought?

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