Nine Ways To Create Wow-Worthy Content for Your Blog

When your audience reads your blog content you want them to click away thinking, “Wow, that was awesome!” – after they share it with their friends, of course. There are tried and true ways to create wow-worthy content for your blog that you should consider if you want your blog to be truly successful.


Know Your Audience

Remember, just because you know who your audience is today doesn’t mean that in a couple of years your audience hasn’t evolved. Keep your ears to the ground, studying your audience as they grow so that you stay ahead of trends. A great example to look at is a company like Ivory Soap, which has been around for so long. Their audience consists of the same demographics, but the morals and ideas of the demographic have changed a great deal.


Keep Up-to-Date on Industry Trends

[social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]The more you know about your industry, the more you’ll have to share with your audience. [/social_quote]Being aware of what is going on will make you the go-to person for the right information on the niche you’re involved with. Not only that, reading and studying your industry will also make you better at doing what you do and it will show in the effect your content has on your audience.


URL Structure and Tags Matter

Some bloggers underestimate the power of the right URL structure and the tags they use on their blog posts. These factors still matter. The best URL consists of a unique keyword-rich title. The best tags consist of keywords that are within the content. Don’t forget the tags on your images. Make it count.


Know Your Numbers

[social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]Do you know what kind of blog posts get the most traction on your blog? [/social_quote]If you don’t, you should know. Once you figure out which type of blog posts get the most shares, views, engagement and conversions you can create more of that type that works, and make the most of the ones that are working by promoting them harder.


Create Shareable Content

Content that has a reason for being along with great images, or content in video form, is shared more than other types of blog posts. Pay attention to what your audience shares and create more of that.


Link Internally

A great way to cause more impact and up the wow factor in your blog posts is to practice good linking practices by linking internally to other blog posts that relate to the current blog post your audience is reading.


Understand How Keywords Work

There are many types of keywords, from short tail to long tail and all in between. The more you can understand how keywords work and which keywords are important within your niche, the better you can use them to your advantage.


Use Many Forms of Content

Don’t skimp on using different forms of content such as video, images, podcasts, text and more. Your blog will be much more dynamic and interesting with all types of content used. For example, some “how to” blogs might be best presented via video rather than a text only post.


Engage Your Readers

Don’t leave out your call to action and reader engagement ideas such as asking them to buy, click, read, comment or other actions you want them to take. By talking to them as if they’re real people, you’ll get a lot more conversions than if you just leave it up to chance.


Creating wow-worthy content for your blog will come naturally the more you understand your niche, and how your audience engages with the internet. If you’re unsure what your audience wants more of, ask them by survey or polls to find out what types of content they prefer and what products and services they need most.


What are your favourite ways of making your content WOW worthy?

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