Meet Corwin Hiebert, a consultant & manager to creatives

January 4, 2017

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Meet Corwin Hiebert, a consultant & manager to creatives, such as world-renowned photographer, publisher, and best-selling author David duChemin.

I had the pleasure of speaking with him a few days ago.

He is one helluva good guy and one you should listen to. He has a vast range of experience and expertise in helping photographers achieve their goals.

Corwin is also the Chief Executive Cat Wrangler (his words!) at Craft And Vision & is the co-founder and CEO of Taendem Agency Inc..

PLUS he is a – Save Give Learn Create – repeat Ambassador. Corwin has authored several books and eBooks, including THE NEXT LEVEL which is included in the 5DayDeal bundle.

And it is Corwin’s involvement with 5DayDeal that I wanted to talk with him about….


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