Each Day, I Make Time For Laughter – Reflection

I love to laugh. Laughing relieves tension and reminds me to avoid taking myself and the world too seriously. Having laughter today helps me feel joyful and relaxed. I find myself smiling more after having a good chuckle.

When I wake up with a smile and an agreeable mood, I discover more things to laugh about throughout the day. 

Although I have many tasks to accomplish, I know it is my responsibility to ensure I laugh today. I look for the ironies, quirks, and humorous aspects in everyday life.

I seek out sources of laughter in my home. Perhaps my children make a funny face at me or tell me a silly joke. Sometimes, my dog or cat acts comical. My spouse has sweet mannerisms that make me smile.

At work, my co-workers freely share a funny story or two. We have an unspoken understanding that the days pass more quickly and are more enjoyable when we share laughter together. 

My life is more interesting and joyful because I laugh each day.

Today, I make special efforts to find the humor in routine situations. Even though hardships are also a part of life, I know I can navigate them effectively and come out on the other side, smiling and even laughing. 

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How often do I laugh?
  2. Do others regard me as happy, with a healthy sense of humor?
  3. What can I do to ensure I experience laughter in each day?


Click this link if you would like to download a printable PDF of this reflection Each day I make time for laughter

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