Why most will always struggle to achieve success as a photographer or small business owner…

Before you get mad at that “pessimistic” opening line… keep reading… it will make sense in just a second.


“Learn from those who have achieved what you want to achieve”

You’ve probably heard that about 1000 times.

Back when I had my photography business, before I had any success, it was one of the things that I had heard and couldn’t get out of my mind.

It makes sense…

If you want to be successful at something the best people to learn from are those who have had success at that very same thing. Copy them.

It should be easy to achieve success as a photographer this way.


It made sense to me.

Learn from someone who has achieved what I want to achieve.

Copy what they did and implement it.

And that’s why I invested in tons of courses on how to grow and market a photography business.

I spent a ton of money and worked my butt off.

And what did I get in return?

More stressed, more tired, more overwhelmed, more frustrated and more broke.

This was crazy.

I was implementing what I had been taught, I wasn’t just consuming.

I couldn’t work out where I was going wrong.
And then one day the penny dropped.

Of course copying others wasn’t working. They had totally different goals, markets, businesses and resources than I had.

So why was I expecting what worked for them to work for me?

And this was leading to me trying to build my business by jumping from tactic to tactic without a strategy based on my business, my goals and my resources.


Don’t Make These Same Mistakes In Your Business If You Want To Achieve Success As A Photographer:

Setting Clear Goals

I wasn’t clear on how I wanted my photography business to look, how it would support me in creating the life that I wanted and therefore what I needed to do to achieve that.

You need to get clear on where you are right now.

How many enquiries do you get right now? Is it a drought with no enquiries, maybe a trickle of unpredictable enquiries?

How many clients do you have each week?

What are your monthly sales?


achieving success as a photographerThen you need to look at what you want your photography business to become.,,

What does success as a photographer look like to you?

A successful and profitable business begins with YOU.

And it starts with YOUR vision.

What do you want your photography business, your life, to look like in three years time?

How much money do you want to earn?

What does your work schedule look like, what role do you want to play in your business?

Who do you want to work with and what do you want to be known for?

When you know where you want your photography business to be in 3 years time, you can break it down into manageable steps. But you’ve got to be specific.


Drowning in Information

Because I wasn’t clear on my goals I was approaching my photography business like I was drinking from a fire hose, and drowning in information.

I was consuming blogs, podcasts, courses, ebooks, going to seminars and conventions, listening to the Rockstar Photographers and gurus.

I had a ton of unwatched online courses and DVDs, neglected notes and unread books.
I had a limited amount of time and money and was spending my time frivolously getting myself more and more overwhelmed, conflicted and confused.

I was struggling with overwhelm paralysis when what I needed were clear and practical steps.


No Clear Strategy

I didn’t have a clear strategy, because I was so confused and overwhelmed. I felt like I’d been dropped in the middle of the most difficult maze and couldn’t find my way out.
I kept hitting dead ends.

I didn’t have a plan of action designed to help me achieve my goals. I was zig-zagging this way and that. Trying to copy this successful photographer and that successful photographer.

It was like taking pieces from different jigsaw puzzles and trying to combine them to make a perfect image that didn’t exist.

All because I didn’t have a clear strategy and kept jumping from tactic to tactic, starting and never finishing.

If you are constantly changing tactics and strategy you will never make progress. And this is why most photographers will always struggle to succeed.

I should know, this was me too.

If you stop making those 3 mistakes above, I can guarantee that you will be a lot less overwhelmed, a lot clearer on the action you need to take and life will be so much simpler.

Once I stopped making those mistakes my life looked totally different. It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

And with that I started making a lot more income… Right?


Just because I was less overwhelmed, had clear goals and a plan it didn’t mean that my income went up right away.

If only… I’ll tell you what happened in another post…

And if this helped you or resonated with you and you’re looking forward to hearing the rest of this story, comment below with any questions you have or to just say hi!

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