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Today sees the introduction of Inspiring Entrepreneurs – a series featuring entrepreneurs and business owners who have a story to tell or who can inspire us all in some way.

The lady we are featuring today blew me away when I saw her submission – I think you will see why. Stephanie has an amazing story and I can’t wait to share it with you. So without further ado…


Tell us a little bit about yourself in a few sentences…

I am a musician who has lost over one hundred pounds the long, stubborn, mostly kicking and screaming kind of way. Today, I am peaceful about my weight loss and I support others who need support to stay the course.


When did you start your business and what was your inspiration for doing so?

I have been in business for myself about ten years. I ran a successful piano studio and have worked as a musician. I started my online business a couple of years ago – writing my e-book, formulating my message and what I wanted to say that could truly help others. I launched in January!


Share something that not many people know about you…

People may not know that I like to batch cook my meals for the week.


What is your happy song… you know, the one that you can’t help but smile to when you hear it?

Adventure in Paradise by Micheal Bernard Beckwith.


Best piece of advice you have been given and by whom?

“What you don’t give your body – it will take.” Donna Vail.


What is your ideal way to spend a Sunday?

My ideal way is in solitude.


If you were planning the ultimate picnic, what would be in your hamper and where would you go?

I would be glamping. I love outdoor spaces with windows all around so it feels like one is outside. In the hamper would be a book, a highlighter, and light snacks.


What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I am proud that everything i set my mind to I have accomplished. I kept focus. I’m talking about things that took the long way to get there like graduating college, losing weight, and my wonderful husband.


If you could have one superpower what would it be?

I am organized and arrive early to appointments. I get to meet amazing people, situate myself, and relax.


What advice would you give to someone starting out in business?

I would say to do something you love. I find myself reading about herbs, practicing a new piano piece, or saving up to see Geneen Roth live at Kripalu. My vocation is my vacation.


What has been your biggest challenge in business?

The biggest challenge is continuing to believe in myself. There is a lot of noise out there but no one will say it in the way you will. I trust that the way I convey my message of love to the world is meant for the right people who need it spoken in that way.


What is your favourite childhood memory?

My favorite childhood memory is cooking with my Aunt and playing the piano while she listened.


What was the last trip / vacation you took?

My last trip was to Kripalu in MA to a Geneen Roth weekend workshop.


Who inspires you / who would your dream mentors be?

I am inspired by people with humble beginnings who never gave up on themselves. They are willing to do what it takes even when it means leaving the conventional wisdom of their tribe. My dream mentors – some of whom I am honored to work with today – Dr. John Demartini, Donna Vail, Dr. Christiane Northup, and Verne Varona.


Tell us a little about your business and why people should use it?

My business is support people stay the course as they lose weight. When there is lots of weight to lose you can either hold your breath or breathe deeply allowing all the comes up to be healed along the way. As a result – I have never gained back more than ten pounds. I know the way I lose weight stuck. I used many different plans and learned to become my own nutritional guru. Along the way I realized it was me who was getting the work done – not a specific plan. Plans can be adjusted and tweaked but they can never sustain you the way a loving attitude towards yourself and a reason to lose that’s bigger than a dress size can.


Want to learn more about Stephanie or reach out and connect?

Facebook: Stephanie Hoffpauir
Twitter: @stephaniepiano
Instagram: @stephaniepiano



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