The Importance of September 22nd


Did you know starting this Monday, September 22nd there are only 100 days left in the year. Can you believe that, the year is zipping away.

And as you know, I am passionate about setting aggressive, inspiring, life changing goals and then achieving them.

But just like you, I’m not perfect and with 100 days left in the year there are some areas I’m off track.

More importantly though, I’m doing something about it.

Even better for you, my solution will work just as well, if not BETTER, when you use it too.

But first, before I share the solution with you…

Imagine what these final 100 days of the year would look like if you did have the help, assistance and personal guidance from the world’s leading expert in achieving your goals?

– Would you increase your income?
– Lose those extra pounds?
– Start that new business?
– Strengthen your relationships?
– Eliminate that extra debt?

Or, what about ALL of the above (and more)?

The great news is…

It IS possible for you to achieve all that AND MORE these final 100 days of the year.

Its called the 100 Day Finish Strong Challenge!

It is being put on by a good friend of mine, Gary Ryan Blair.

I’m taking part and I highly recommend you join me and take part too.

The first step is going to this page, check it out and think, hard, what the next 100 days will look like for you when you take part too.

I promise, 100 days from now, you’re going to be very happy that you took action!

By the way, Gary is only letting people register for a few days, so if you are serious about finishing this year strong then you will want to act on this quickly.

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