How To Finish What You Started

A big challenge that many small business owners face is getting things done. You don’t always know how to finish what you started.

I used to do this a lot.

By our nature we have so many balls to juggle and so many ideas that we want to make happen that many of us will start things and never see them through to completion. Or we do see things through but it takes us far longer than it needs to and we have lots of half finished projects on the go.

As Todd Herman described it to me, we are context switching. And it can be fatal in our businesses.


I posted a short video about this earlier today:


What is context switching?

It is when we jump from one task to another. For example you know that you want to update your website, write some new copy for a sales page and plan a new product for your business.

On Monday, you start working on your website. Come Tuesday you start writing the copy for your sales page, in fact you nearly finish it. Wednesday sees you starting to plan the new product for your business. Thursday and Friday see you catching up on admin and working in  your business.

Result at the end of the week? Three partly started projects and none complete.


Now imagine a different scenario.


You decide to priorities the new product. Now, every day in  your “focused work time” – the time when you work on one thing with absolute focus – you work on your new product until it is complete. It takes four days and by Thursday it is complete.

Result this time – you have one completely finished project that can be working for you and you can start on your next most important task.


The next week you decide to work on your sales copy on Monday and Tuesday and complete it leaving you to start on your website update on Wednesday.

Result – by the end of the second week, two of your tasks are totally finished and the third is part done. And because you haven’t been context switching your mind has been able to focus so much better each day.


Isn’t that a better way of doing things?

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