How To Be Booked Solid Like The Dog Groomer


It is amazing the lessons you can learn from the places you least expect it.


Duke, our Cocker Spaniel, had a much overdue visit from the dog groomer the other day. It was my fault, I should have booked this appointment at the time of his last cut but I didn’t. And then when I did get round to it I couldn’t get an appointment until about a month later than we wanted.


We could have gone to another groomer I suppose, but there was no way that was happening as Kate the groomer has ensured our loyalty making us very reluctant to go elsewhere.


So how did she do that in just two visits? By using the Golden Glove™ principles to get our business and then building our trust to keep it.


First of all she solved our “problem” with a “unique solution”.

I didn’t just want to get Duke groomed. If that was all we wanted we could have just gone to any groomer in town. But that’s a hassle. I don’t live in town, I’d have to drive into town, get parked. Walk to the groomers and possibly wait if they were running a little late, and then go kill time for about an hour.


But what I did want was a groomer who loves dogs, is kind and gentle with them and uses natural products to come to us so that Duke can be groomed with the least interruption to my working day, whilst providing a great professional service. And Kate

Duke After

Duke After

does just that. She phones the night before to confirm the appointment (building our confidence and trust, whilst also making sure she doesn’t have a no show). She then turns up and parks her fully kitted out van on the drive. Plugs in to the power in our garage and off Duke goes tail wagging to be returned with a knock on the door, tail still wagging, about an hour later, all trimmed and smelling fabulous.


Do you see the difference between the two “solutions” to my “problem” and how the one is much more attractive to me, just about guaranteeing my custom?


So if you want to get more clients or customers and grow your business work out your prospects “desperate problem” and provide a “unique solution”.

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