How To Attract High Quality Clients In A Crowded Market Pt 2 – How To Research Your Ideal Client


Not sure how to attract high quality clients? Haven’t the foggiest idea how to go about researching your ideal client?

Fear not – it is not so difficult once you know how. I suspect that this is one of the main reasons why people don’t create good ideal client avatars.

The aim is to collect as much information about your ideal target audience as you can find, so that you can GET TO KNOW THEM INTIMATELY.

Remember – the research you do now will have a HUGE IMPACT ON THE SUCCESS AND PROFITABILITY OF YOUR BUSINESS – so do this properly.

You start by analysing your target audience to understand their circumstances, environment and context so that you can effectively target them, help them and keep them in your tribe.

This will create the context for you to talk to and connect with your audience.

It will also serve you later when your marketing Persuasion Architecture™- the five proven and tested principles that will become the powerful foundation of everything that you do.


Google Display Planner and Quantcast

  • You can use both of these tools to determine the demographic and psychographic characteristics of your target audience.
  • DEMOGRAPHICS are the “typical characteristics” of your audience the environmental characteristics.
  • PSYCHOGRAPHICS take these a step further to include lifestyles and behaviours.
  • These are not an exact science, you are looking for trends and common groups of people.
  • As you collect info, start to build a picture in your mind of your ideal customer, remembering that you may build several avatars over time.



  • Amazon is PURE GOLD for learning how people talk about products and solutions, what they like and dislike.
  • It is a great source of the language that people use (copy phrases and comments for later use).
  • You will discover their pain points and what they care about most.
  • Look at the best and worst reviews to gain the most emotional insights.
  • Look out for and read the relevant community discussions.
  • Explore the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought”…
  • Take note of how authors and product owners market themselves.
  • Dig deep, take your time, pay attention with your ideal customer in mind and use copy and paste liberally to create reference notes that can be tidied up later.


Discussion Forums & Blogs

  • Find the forums and blogs that your ideal clients hang out in
  • Look for SPECIFIC ISSUES, LANGUAGE AND EMOTIONAL PAIN POINTS. It is pure gold to copy these verbatim.
  • Use these to write superb copy – you will effectively be speaking your prospect’s language.


Facebook & Twitter

  • You can study niche specific communications from a distance on Facebook
  • is a great way to tap into just about any conversation in any niche in the world – real time streams of communications between normal people.
  • Use hashtags to find relevant streams of tweets – find the most relevant ones for your niche market.



  • I have saved the best one till last, this should be your go to option if you have previous clients.
  • This is the one strategy that will give you the most valuable customer insights and should always be your first option.
  • When you speak to someone about their problems you will discover things that you just won’t find on websites.


Not sure what to do with all this research? Look out for the next part in this series.

Now I appreciate that all this is easier said than done, so if you want some help doing this (step by step guidance, review of your research, templates and checklists) get in touch for more information.


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