Is your marketing believable and desirable?

You might think it is, but what if your prospects can’t relate to your photographs because your website is full of hero images and they can’t ever imagine that being them?


Make People Feel

Sometimes it is so dry and boring, it’s a bit like reading the photography equivalent to a tech spec sheet. But most people aren’t inspired to spend several hundred pound and upwards on something after looking at a tech sheet (unless they have a specific technical need or they are an out and out geek).

They spend that kind of money because of what it can do for them, how it makes them feel.

People don’t want prints – you get those down at Asda or Walmart and they cost pennies. So sexy up the language you use in your marketing, on your website. Talk about gorgeous images printed on fine art paper and presented in a luxury mount.

Sounds a bit more appealing than a 6 x 4 print doesn’t it?


Give Prospects A Reason To Buy

And please, put some copy on your website too. Yes, I know that there are photographers who manage to have a full diary with mostly just images on their website, but they have usually built up a reputation, referrals and hustled over the years to get to where they are.

If you don’t have a full diary, then putting good, emotionally appealing copy that talks to the benefits and desires of your ideal clients, with proof, a compelling offer and a call to action will do wonders for how many leads your website brings you.

Think about it. Most photographers are looking for an average sale of at least a few hundred pounds upwards, more obviously when it comes to weddings.

So put yourself in the prospects shoes for a minute. When was the last time you spent several hundred or even a thousand on something just by looking at photos on a website, especially if the business is relatively new or unknown to you?

So why do you think that photography clients will do that?

They aren’t buying the images on your website, those images are your point of entry benefit – the minimum you need to offer just to be in the running.

Your prospects have no emotional connection to the images you display.

If you are showing your “hero” images, they may even think “well that’s a great photo, but it could never be me”.

So back up your copy with emotion driven copy that speaks to what people really want and why they want it.

By that I mean what they want beyond your photography – what your photography enables or empowers or gives people.

Every page on your website should:

  • speak to the desire of your prospect
  • how you fulfil that desire
  • your proof that you can actually do what you say you can (that includes, but is not limited to, your images)
  • an offer of some kind (e.g. downloading a free tips or advice sheet, scheduling a call, requesting more information etc)
  • a reason to act now before they click away and forget about you.


Not All Prospects Are Equal

And remember, as an example, not all brides are equal. Love photographing small intimate weddings? Then talk about small intimate weddings. Love having lots of time to take hero images of the couple? Then talk about this so that you attract brides for whom that is a priority and who feel comfortable with that.

There are lots more examples but that should give you the idea.

And these same principles apply to all genres of photography.

So, what are you going to do to make your marketing work harder for you?

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