Getting Organised Online


In today’s internet age, getting organised online is just important as your need to organise your home. As you spend more time online the list of sites and forums that you join just grows and grows. Don’t even mention all the “stuff” you download – I have hard drives full of it!

Here is a short overview of some of the basic online tools that are available. 

Journal and Notebooks

There are hundreds of online journals and notebooks, many of which you can download as Apps. The benefit of many of these applications is that you can sync them across all your devices. This means that if you make notes at work you can access these same notes on your desktop when you get home. 

You can easily search one of the App stores for notebooks and journals. One of the most popular, and my favourite, is Evernote. This allows you to take notes, make lists and even clip text from a web page. Great for everyone from authors and students to entrepreneurs to take notes, organise projects and a 1001 other tasks. You can also email yourself notes to a secret email address. 

Password Organisers

You probably have a ton of passwords that you need to remember for all your online sites that you visit. It may be tempting to use the same username and password for all your sites but you shouldn’t. 

Instead you can set up Google Chrome or Firefox to remember your passwords for you. This still leaves your information vulnerable if the wrong person gets access to your computer. You may prefer to use a tool such as Lastpass, Roboform or my favourite – 1 Password. As well as remembering your passwords these tools they can automatically generate ones for each site. It is also possible to organise your passwords into groups so you can easily find them again if necessary. 

Task Management

In this section we include organisational tools such as to do lists, grocery lists and task management. These tools help you get things accomplished during the day. 

You can find personal management tools as well as ones that are suitable for group projects. They range from basic tools to paid ones with plenty available regardless of what your operating system is. Evernote is great for this too.

Team Tools

Tools such as Asana and Basecamp which are known as project management tools are great for working with teams on a projects. Using a team management organiser allows everyone to stay in touch, ask questions and get updates regardless of their physical location. 


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