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If you’re like countless entrepreneurs, you started out organised, but as you acquired clients or customers, your business snowballed away from you—a little or a lot. You do plan, but life happens, and suddenly there you are, caught in a reactive treadmill. You find yourself playing “catch-up” instead of proactively planning your business strategies and routines in advance.


There are clear signs that a business routine is not working. If even one of the following signs applies to you, you need this workbook!


  • You have lost track of what you own (domain names and products you’ve bought being the biggest offenders).
  • You don’t have time to update things that need to be updated.
  • You don’t have time to take courses you invested in—or even attend webinars you signed up for.
  • You don’t have time to plan for tomorrow because you ended up working late and running on empty: in fact, you couldn’t plan at the end of a hectic day to save your life.
  • Your outsourcing is disorganised and you lose contractors through not being ready for them and wasting their time.
  • You are so busy dealing with the day-to-day that you have lost sight of goals for the future (which have become fuzzy and vague).


Okay; so perhaps it is a worse-case scenario to actually lose contractors: It may actually be that you have never had time to outsource in the first place.

But losing track of what you own, scrambling to catch up, losing sight of your goals to the point where you are no longer actively moving towards them every day and don’t even realise it… all these are common problems for work-at-home entrepreneurs—often because of the high level of reactivity that work-at-home entrepreneurs are unfortunately subject to.


In an external office, one is expected to devote every waking minute of the workday to business. When you work at home, however, everyone expects you to be “flexible.”


They expect you to be wife, husband, mom, dad, sister, brother, daughter, son and friend—first. You set out your boundaries, but there are always emergencies (and those who don’t respect those boundaries).  Part of the problem is they don’t really understand what you do.


That is why it is crucial to make sure your business is not just organised but that your organisational system is easy to maintain no matter what life throws at you.


The good news is… you can organise your business in less than a day, creating a complete thirty-day cycle that you can repeat on autopilot. Or you can space this process out over the better part of thirty days, deeply focusing on one aspect of reorganisation per day.


Regardless of how long it takes you, following the steps in the 30 Day Business Planning Workbook and Checklist will help you get rid of the clutter, re-align your goals, organise your business routine and get you back on track, heading towards your dream lifestyle and goals.


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