Friday Review – 5th July 2019

​In this edition of the Friday Review:

  • Quote of the Week
  • Business & Marketing Tip
  • What I’ve Learned This Week
  • Successes This Week
  • What You’ve Missed…
  • What I’d Like You To Tell Me This Week


The weather has not been so good this week although unlike in most of the UK – my Mum keeps telling me that it’s really hot in the garden! The positive is that is better for the dogs, Duke & Midge. Both are black so do feel the heat.

My wildflower patch is doing really well though, helped along by the rain the other day. It gives me a lot of pleasure and I make a point to enjoy it several times a day, just looking at the flowers, the bees and seeing what’s new.

I find that it helps to reset my mind and allow me to think more clearly.

Other than that it’s been a quiet week – walking the dogs with trips to the beach and a couple of playdates with their best friends – 2 black lab brothers Bryan & Allan.

In the evenings we’ve been enjoying “The Year of The Rabbit” a very funny and irreverent comedy on UK TV and we’ve started the third season of Designated Survivor. Love a drama where the main character does the right thing.


Quote Of The Week

“Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are your own fears” – Rudyard Kipling


Business & Marketing Tip

It’s a really simple yet effective one this week.

Every week I and my 1-2-1 clients and Focus-Action-Results members take 15-30 minutes to do review the week, and also plan the three Most Important Tasks to grow their business for the coming week.

There are two parts to the weekly review, one which looks at and actions based on the 5 Essential Focus Points (lead generation, sales, maximising client value, systems & operations, team) and then a review to give more clarity on how things truly are.

This consists of 5 quick questions and gives a lot of clarity on what’s going well and what needs some attention:

  1. What has been your biggest success this week?
  2. What have been your biggest learns this week?
  3. What is your outlook on things right now?
  4. What are you currently excited about?
  5. What are you currently putting off or avoiding (i.e. where are you stuck)?

Don’t make the mistake of looking at them and thinking that they are too simplistic. Incorporate them into your weekly routine, you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes…


What I Learned This Week

That the more I control my mind, dissolve the thoughts of lack, fear and worry the better life is.

I’m the first to confess that this is something I have to work on, that said it is most definitely worth the effort, the practice and training.


Successes This Week

It’s been another good week, even if the weather has meant that I have been mostly working inside!

  • Continued to consistently post to my Facebook Page with continued engagement, growth and retention.
  • Continued to produce and create
  • Started to layer in more promotional posts on my Facebook Page – I’m working towards an average ratio of 2 promotional posts (lead gen) sales to every 8 “other” posts (value, being human, fun, inspirational etc)
  • Good live training for the Inner Circle, completing the Captivating Content training series
  • Improved my repurposing and content systems
  • Kept a good work life balance
  • Submitted my SoundCloud Feed to iTunes for approval as a podcast
  • Been asked to do an interview with the developers of eLearnCommerce who have developed the tools I use for the Inner Circle, Coaching and courses in the client site.

What successes did you enjoy this week?


What You Missed…

On the blog:

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Make Your Clients Feel Good About Giving You Money


On YouTube:

Three Minute Video – How To Stop Consuming and Supercharge Your Learning


On SoundCloud:

Ever been told that you should base your photography business pricing on COGS?

This went down a treat with over 103 listens this week!


What I’d Like You To Tell Me This Week…

Is the photography industry broken? I was speaking with a friend who is a photographer and also helps photographers and she said that the photography industry is really broken just now.

That intrigued me. I do agree that there is a lot wrong with the approach to business in the photography industry, however, I was surprised with the strength of feeling on just how broken the photography industry is.

What are your thoughts on this – is the photography industry broken, what about it is broken? What needs fixing?

Well, that’s it for this week,

Until next time…

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