Friday Review 28th June 2019

Hello and welcome to this week’s review.


I’ve a lot to share this week including how I’ve designed my business to help me enjoy my ideal life.

More on that later, first…


What I’m Listening To

When I’m working or creating I often have music playing. I find that it helps me focus and shut off from distractions. If I’m doing something that requires deep focus, I will often put one song or piece of music on loop and loud.

There are quite a few studies that show this does something in the brain and helps with focus and creativity. It is something to do with the repetition. I haven’t looked into the science behind it too deeply, however, I do find that it works for me.

Often this will be a piece of classical or theme music – a favourite is the theme music from House of Cards.

Other times, I just like to listen to something new and this week I have been listening to Lost On You by LP (Laura Pergolizzi who goes under the stage name LP). She has been described as part Fiest part Joan Jett, a genre-bucking singer/songwriter. She has written for quite a few notable names and is rather good. Perfect music for working and creating.


My Challenge To You This Weekend…

Talking of music, it led me to think how things are changing. I can’t remember the last time I bought an album or music. I have a HUGE collection of CDs, however, I never listen to them. I love my Apple Music subscription, it’s totally changed the way I consume music. When iTunes first came out I reluctantly bought albums digitally, it took me a while to let go of CDs but now, I wouldn’t go back.

Streaming services are disrupting the music and tv/film industries, whether we like it or not. It’s levelled the playing field for many and created massive opportunities.

So the question is, how can YOU disrupt your industry, your market? That doesn’t have to mean going cheap, or low value. It does mean doing something different to your competitors, whilst providing great value.

Have a think about that this weekend, you might be surprised by what answers you get if you let your subconscious get to work on this…


This Week’s Business Tip

This week, we’re addressing a fundamental mistake that has profound and painful consequences for many business owners…

Let me start by asking you a question…

Would you try and book a holiday without knowing where you want to go, when you want to travel, the type of accommodation you want to stay in, the kind of holiday you want to enjoy or how much you want to spend?

It would be pretty difficult wouldn’t it?

Let’s say you decide that you want to go somewhere hot and sunny, sometime in June and you don’t know what your budget is or what kind of accommodation you want to book.

How many reviews are there in Trip Advisor for that place called Hot & Sunny?

How many airlines fly to that place called Hot & Sunny?

Seems it would be a lot easier to book your holiday if you could be a LOT more specific.

To actually book your holiday, you need to be much more specific, know exactly where you want to go, when and how much you are prepared to spend.

And it’s the same with your business.

So many people start a business based on their passion because, for example, they “want to be a professional photographer”.

That’s all well and good, however, what does that mean exactly?

How does that look?

Is it any wonder that with such a vague goal so many business owners end up struggling to make ends meet or trapped in a business working long hours, doing work they don’t enjoy (the stuff other than their passion or reason for starting their business).

They didn’t design how they wanted their business to be.

To achieve your goals:

  • you need to be specific.
  • You need to know what your ideal business looks like.
  • Know how your ideal life looks.


Without that specific information, how will you know how to get there, the specific steps you need to take?


This is one of the reasons so many business owners end up with a moderately successful business they come to hate because they are working all the hours they have at great cost to their family and personal lives.

They didn’t have a clear vision of how they wanted their business and life to look, it was wishy-washy and vague.

This applies to life too.

Most people drift through life with a vague idea of what they want, but they don’t have a clear design. They don’t know where they want to go or exactly what they want to achieve. It’s like booking one of those pot luck bargain basement holidays where you’ve got a rough idea of where you are going, but no idea of the exact resort or even the accommodation.

You might get lucky, but then again, you might not.

I don’t know about you, I would rather create my luck than leave it to random chance…

Many people see this as hard work or something to avoid.



This is fun, it’s choosing how you want your life to be, your business to be. Why wouldn’t you want to do that?


We will happily put in time and effort into planning our holidays but not our businesses or lives and that just doesn’t make sense to me.


I dig deeper into how to do this in the Free Course: 7 Steps To Creating A Successful & Profitable Business You Love. Just click this link if you want me to send it to you (it’s delivered over 9 emails).

It’s transforming the lives and businesses of those who take action and implement each day’s training.


What You Missed This Week

Last week I participated in a Q&A call with an account manager at Facebook where she answered questions and shared what’s working now on Facebook.

I share the questions and answers in this blog post, it’s worth checking out – you can see it here, there’s a video, audio recording and transcript.


Successes This Week

It’s been a good week. Plenty of sunshine and working in the garden with my laptop. That’s always a bonus.

More importantly, I’ve ticked off quite a few long term items on my to-do list as well as had some great calls with my private clients:

  • Made great progress implementing my content repurposing system including:
    • Publishing an archive of my YouTube videos that automatically updates on my website – see that here.
    • Setting up a system that extracts the audio from my Facebook videos and lives and publishes it to Soundcloud, and then automatically adds them to the podcast page on my website, for those who prefer to listen.
    • Turned on a system that takes my Facebook lives and videos, publishes them to YouTube and creates a transcript so that I can easily create a blog post.
  • Prepared new courses and frameworks for Working A Better Life Inner Circle members, just a few finishing touches to complete before publishing them:
    • How To Work Faster and Get More Done
    • 5 Point Blogging Checklist – published
    • Landing Page Guidelines and Checklist
    • Social Media Prompts and Ideas Checklist – with 226 prompts and ideas
    • Some photographer website reviews from the archives
    • Change The Way You Think About Business and Beat The Overwhelm
  • Posted consistently to my Facebook Page, continuing to increase reach, engagement and retention
  • Published two blog posts
  • Prepared my notes for next weeks Inner Circle Captivating Content live training. This will be the final training in this series – the second instalment on actually creating your content.


The best thing of all is that I have enjoyed a balanced life this week. I rarely start work before 10am, take frequent breaks during the day and finish most days by 5.30pm.

The reason that I share this is because this is the result of investing a lot of time working ON my business, creating systems and processes that enable me to work efficiently.

When I am working I minimise distractions so that I can focus.

If it’s just not happening and I can’t focus, I step away and do something else, preferably get outside in nature – even if it’s just the garden listening to the birds, or I go play with the dogs.

I’m designing my business to serve me, not to enslave me in a job that owns me. I made that mistake with my photography business and ended up severely burned out and hating it.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t make that mistake again and I use the very same techniques and lessons that are in this week’s Business Tip and the Free Course to avoid that.

The best thing is that this isn’t rocket science, or anything new. It’s just going back to the fundamental principles of business that no-one seems to talk about anymore.


I hope that you have found this weeks review helpful. Let me know what you like about or not as the case may be. I’m writing these to help you in creating your ideal businesses, and give you an insight into how I work a better life, but I can only make these better with your feedback…


Until next time,

Louise 🙂


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