Do you ever start your week or your day wondering what the hell you should be doing so that you can grow your business and book more clients?

You don’t really know because you’ve had so much conflicting advice and you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused so you decide to go on Facebook to do some posts for your business and before you know it that’s an hour gone and you’re no further forward?


Let me give you the system I use to great effect…

Step 1

I start by defining where I want to be in 3 years time – key metrics such as profit, revenue, number of clients, average sale value as well as more lifestyle goals too – especially how many hours I want to be working. I also like to remind myself of the deep down why I am doing this, it helps keep me motivated on the tough days.


Step 2

Then I look at where I need to be in a years time, the same key metrics, what needs to be true in one years time for me to be on track to achieve my 3-year goals. Note that this is not a third of the way towards the 3-year goal, but more like 25% of the way there. I also ask, what are likely to be my main constrictions and constraints at this point, what will stop me growing beyond this? So for example, will I need to outsource my editing, will I need help in the business for example with admin or marketing to free up my time so that I can do more shoots.


Step 3

Next up I ask myself what do I need to do in the next 90 days to take me towards my one-year goal. I limit this to just three “projects”. For example, put in place sales funnel, book x shoots.


Step 4

Then finally, each week I ask myself, what are the three most important things I need to do this week to take me towards my 90-day goals.

Everything needs to be specific and measurable in each of these steps.

A simple way to do this is to take a sheet of paper and divide it into 4 quadrants- one for each of these steps. Put it on the wall by your desk so it’s always in view and the. Each week you write your 3 most important tasks on a post it note and stick it on the weekly quadrant.

You do a new sheet every 90 days to update your 90-day tasks.

It’s not a business plan in the true sense however, it is highly effective at cutting through all the noise and overwhelm and keeping you on track and giving you clarity at what you need to be doing right now to take your business forward.

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