Five words that will destroy any chance of success

There are five words that are absolute poison to any entrepreneur and their business. 

They really will take away any real chance of progress. 

Now if you are guilty of these words, you are not alone, but you do need to ditch them from your language and mindset now if you want to build your ideal business. 

And what are these words that are so dreadful?


“But my business is different”.

I first heard them from Dan Kennedy. And he knows a thing or two when it comes to business

He has consulted with many, many businesses and the last I heard his fee was $19,000 a day. 

Sound business principles are sound business principles. They work for any business, with any product or service, in any niche or market. 

For sure you have to tweak the strategies and tactics to your business and market.

But the principles, well they are principles.  

One of the quickest ways you can grow your business is to look at businesses outside of your niche and market and ask yourself what ideas you can borrow and adapt? What is working well for them that I don’t see in my market?  

It’s one way that you can make your business stand out against your competitors. 


Zig when they zag.

A perfect example is in the photography world, especially wedding photographers. So many of the sites are all about the images with very little copy on the home page, or even anywhere.

But after a while they all look the same. They don’t stand out. Even to someone who appreciates photography and the different styles and the skill needed.

Imagine how a bride feels after she has looked at 5, 10, 20 “me too” sites and their is nothing to differentiate them? It all just becomes a blur. 


No-one stands out.

Yet the websites that are most successful at bringing leads and sales in any niche have good copy throughout the site, they speak to their ideal client and their needs, the solution they are offering. They give proof that they can deliver and they make an offer.  

And it is the same in the photography market. Of the photographers that I know for a fact are earning a good income, way above the average, they all have lot of copy that speaks to their ideal client on the home page and throughout the site. The main focus isn’t the images, they show testimonials and other forms of proof, they have calls to action… 

They zig whilst the crowd zags.


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