Five Ways To Beat Burnout


Do you ever feel worn down, ineffective, unable to get motivated? Does the idea of moving, let alone moving forward require too much effort?

If you answered yes to any of these then the chances are you have suffered from burnout at some level.

You are not alone, the chances are that most of us will feel burnout at some point in our lives. Sometimes it is related to work but it can also be from the stresses of a relationship, study pressures, information overload or any number of reasons.

Whatever the cause it seems to be on the increase in today’s hectic lifestyle, so here are five ways to beat burnout.


1. Pace Yourself

With the rise of smart phones, tablets and today’s 24/7 society it is becoming harder, yet more important than ever, to pace yourself.

Even if your business or career requires constant push-push-push (and with 24/7 technology, almost everyone considers themselves to be always “on”), you have to find ways to pace yourself. Maybe it means taking a yoga class during lunch one day a week, or using every Sunday as a complete day of rest away from cell phone, pager, fax, email, and iPad.

Sound crazy? Well, the crazier it sounds, the more necessary it is. To quote [social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]Eleanor Roosevelt, “We must do the thing we think we cannot do.”[/social_quote] If you think you just can’t take a week vacation each year, that means you need to do it!


2. Track And Celebrate Small Successes

Sometimes burnout can be due to frustration or a feeling of lack of progress – constantly chipping away and not getting anywhere.

A great way to overcome this kind of burnout is to measure your successes. It is so important to be able to look back at your day and say “Yes, I achieved this!”

Measuring and tracking your progress can be very simple – having a daily list of things to do and crossing them off. (Be careful not to put too much on your daily list though, as if you see a whole list of items not completed that will just make the overwhelm worse.)

If your goal is bigger, say turning your passion for floristry into a business that pays your bills, break it down into actionable chunks that will give you a feeling of accomplishment as you work through them.

Don’t forget to celebrate your success too. Take a moment to reflect on your achievements, small and large, rewarding yourself for the larger successes.


3. Get Clear On Your Why

Find a strong “why”, one that motivates and inspires you. Money is rarely enough of a long term motivation. Instead think of the things that money will enable you to do. You will be able to attach emotion to these which will motivate you more.

What will you do with the money – provide a certain lifestyle for your family, enjoy a fabulous holiday, help others? These are far more motivating than saying you want to earn $X a month.

You need to know the why behind your goal in order for it to successfully motivate you.


4. Just Do It

Sometimes we get stuck under a mountain of information and an avalanche of choices.

This is when we need to make some progress, no matter how small. Feeling overwhelmed with a long list of tasks you don’t want to do? Just pick one and get it done. Resisting these things often takes a lot more energy than just getting it done. Don’t let these unwanted tasks build up until they overwhelm you, but get some momentum going by doing one a week or one a day. You will be amazed at how much better you feel.

Don’t get up on the either of perfection either. Of course we should do things well, but often times the only person who doesn’t know it is perfect is you! Once you let go of the idea of perfection you will be able to move forward more easily.


5. Make Your Goal Come Alive

This is even more powerful than getting clear on your why, but is even more powerful.

If you want your dreams and goals to come alive you need to add texture, emotion and colour.

Which do you think will be more effective:

  • “I want to lose 20 pounds so I can look good at my college reunion”.
  • “I want to lose 20 pounds so I can go buy a knock ’em dead little black dress from the hottest boutique in town, wear it to my college reunion next month, and make all those college girls who were so mean to me fall over in a dead faint because I look so good. Oh, and college crush will see me and wish that he hadn’t just ignored me.”

These principles can be applied to your business goals too – who will be in the audience at your first book reading, how will if feel to be able to buy the house of your dreams for your family when you take your business to the levels of success that you desire.

This isn’t just mindless dreaming. Done well, it is creating the blueprint for your future success.


It is natural to face some burnout in life. Sometimes it is because you have been working too hard, sometimes because you aren’t clear on where you are going. Whatever your goal, and whatever the cause of your burnout, I hope that this article has given you a few tips that will help you beat burnout.

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