Five Ways To Ensure You Enjoy Time Off From Your Business

Enjoy time away from your business

When you own a business you put your heart and soul into it. If you’re fortunate enough to feel passionate about your business, it’s quite easy for it to become your life. Yet a balanced life dictates that we occasionally take time away from it all to relax and focus on other priorities. This can of course be immensely difficult if you work from home and the brunt of the business is on your shoulders. With a little preparation, insight, and planning you can enjoy your time away from your business. You can be free from worry and filled with confidence – you can relax.

#1 Fill the Gap

If you’re going to be away for a week, or two, what normally happens during that time? For example, do you publish a blog post every day? If so, then you’ll need to prepare and schedule two weeks’ worth of blog posts. Do you normally send out an email message each week? If so, then create those messages in advance, schedule them, and relax. Technology can generally take care of the processes. You simply have to plan ahead to make sure that no one realizes you’re gone.


#2 Get Help

If you don’t have a virtual assistant, start working with one. Begin building a relationship with them well in advance of any vacation plans. Your virtual assistant can stand in for you while you’re gone. They can make sure that your messages go off without a hitch, that your posts are posted, and that any customer questions are answered. However, they can only manage that scale of responsibilities if they’ve had some prior experience working for you and know what you expect.


#3 Let People Know You’re Gone

You have an auto responder for your email, right? Use it. Even if you’re having your customer messaged forwarded to your virtual assistant, make sure your personal email and other accounts notify folks that you’re out of the office. Let people know what to expect. They’ll be happier and you can relax.


#4 Let some things Slide

You don’t have to have every single task covered, planned for and automated. It should be possible to step away from some aspects of your business and not have it crumble in your absence. Create systems and processes that support you to take time away.


#5 Give Yourself Permission

Finally, give yourself permission to check out and give yourself permission to check in once in a while. There’s no right or wrong way to go on vacation and there’s no right or wrong way to own a business. Find a happy medium that supports you. If you feel the desire to completely step away from your business and focus on fun and family, great. If you feel the need to check in once in a while to make sure your clients are happy, that’s great too. Do what feels right.


Doctors tell us that taking a vacation is one of the best ways to distress and live a balanced and healthy life. Yet if you own a business, that sometimes feels impossible. Create systems and find support. Your health and vitality are important to your lasting success.



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