Five Reasons To Consider Becoming A Work at Home Mom

5 reasons to become a work at home mom

Becoming a work at home mom is an attractive idea for many mums. Having to return to the workforce outside of the home after having children is a trying time. Returning to work and placing your child in daycare, or older children in after school programs can bring a lot of guilt as mothers tend to be the nurturers. Becoming a work at home mom turns the tables on this guilt.

If you are one of these moms deciding whether to stay in your 9 to 5 job or quit and work from home either in the same career or a new one, these top five benefits may help you make your decision.

1: Create Your Work Schedule

When you work from home, you control when you will work. You will no longer be tied to a routine hourly job or endless salary job that keeps you at work for hours. Working from home gives you the flexibility to schedule your work around other things you may need to do or time that you want to spend with your family.

It is all in your own hands. You can control how much you will work and how much you will not. There is no more dependence on others for you to get your job done and meet deadlines. You are now in charge of your own outcomes.

2: Easier Appointment Scheduling

When you had to juggle setting appointments for you and your children, sometimes even having to take sick leave or vacation leave from your outside workforce career, this is no longer the case. Appointments can just be scheduled according to what works best for you, with no asking for permission.

Another great benefit is that you can now make appointments that fit with your schedule and that of your children. The stress of scheduling appointments can now be lifted.

3: Attend Children Activities

Now that you are in charge of your schedule, you are free to be a chaperone at your child’s school for field trips, attending your child’s school activities. You may never miss one of your child’s school performances or ceremonies again.

Your kids will be overjoyed to see you at their school, especially when they’re young. They may be especially happy that mom can pick them up from school and they don’t have to stay in after school care anymore.

4: Enroll Children in Afterschool Programs

Now that you can pick your children up right after school, it’s easier for them to join sporting activities, or other activities of interest, such as dance. Transportation will no longer be an issue and your children will have more opportunities to grow as individuals.

You can always use this time when your children are at an activity to do some work, or go for your walk or simply relax. Or you can be even more productive and use this time for household errands so you don’t have to drag tired children with you.

5: Freedom from Office Politics

This is a big one for me! Now that you are your own boss, or at least are away from an office setting, you may no longer need to deal with the stress of office politics. Working in an office with many different personalities can create unnecessary drama and low work ethics.

Working at home you have the freedom to work in your sloppy joes if you want to, drink the entire pot of coffee, eat at your desk, and be who you truly are. You don’t need to worry about how anyone feels, and you can enjoy your own happiness by working alone and being productive.


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