Have you seen the Tony Robbins’ Netflix movie, “I am Not Your Guru”?

It is certainly interesting watching…

One of the best things Tony consistently teaches is the power of habits or rituals.

Your daily habits literally shape you.

A poor person does different things every day than a rich person does.

An overweight person has different habits than a fit, healthy person.

Its simple – change your habits and you’ll change your results.

Now, if you have been in my world you may know that I have a set of 5 very specific habits for massive business success (whilst creating freedom from it, and not getting ‘busier’).

These aren’t anything special, they are just business basics – 5 Essential Focus Points (5 EFPs).

But I don’t see many business owners and photographers following these habits.

In this article, I’ll outline the 5 EFPs to grow your business & create the photography business you aspire to without the overwhelm and frustration.


EFP #1: Lead Generation

Ask, “How many leads (expressions of interest) did you get for your photography yesterday / last week / last month?” (pick one to track).

Write down the number of leads you generated on your whiteboard or a piece of paper pinned to your wall or on your desk where you can always see it.

Then ask, “What can I Do to get more leads today / this week / this month?”


EFP #2: Lead Conversion

Ask, “How many leads did I convert into BUYERS for my photography yesterday/last week/last month?”

Write down the number of sales you generated on your whiteboard/paper, where you can always see it.
Then ask, “What can I do TODAY to get more sales today / this week / this month?”


EFP #3: Maximizing Client Value

Ask, “Did I give more value and attract more value from my current list of clients today?”

You can maximize client value in 3 ways:

1. Retention Value:

How are you SYSTEMATICALLY boosting your clients RESULTS and/or EXPERIENCE (relationship with you) today?

Do you have a target goal of how many shoots you want to retain a client for? Are you meeting it?

2. Upsell Value:

What are you SYSTEMATICALLY offering to your clients that gives them more value today / this week / this month?

Do you have a target goal of upsell $$$ you want to make this month? Are you reaching it?

3. Referral Value:

How are you SYSTEMATICALLY gaining new referrals from your current clients today / this week / this month?

Do you have a target number of referrals you want to generate this month? Are you reaching it?


EFP #4: Create & Review Systems

Take ONE task that is done repetitively in your business (from the first 3 EFPs above) and turn it into a SYSTEM that can later be duplicated, outsourced or automated.

To be a system, the task is documented as a:

(Or a combination)

Add this to your Operations Manual (the book of ‘how your business runs’ if you had to leave tomorrow).

In 90 days or less your tasks should ALL be documented and then Daily Tasks 1, 2 and 3 are outsourceable, or you can get someone in to help you with these.

It will also help you do all of the above more quickly and consistently until you are ready to bring in help to your business.


EFP #5: Content & Contacts

Create awesome SOCIAL MEDIA content every day for your lists and followers.

Most content should have a call to action to take the next step (either join your FB group, or sign up to the email list to get lead magnet / Perfect Invite, or PM you etc.), it doesn’t have to be outrightly promotional, it could just be to engage with your post.

At the same time, reach out to 3 influencers in your niche and start a relationship.

This enables you to be a ‘brand ambassador’ – creating social content (that is valuable, informative, entertaining, relevant and real) and reaching out to other people who have access to the audience you want.


So that’s it, the Five Essential Focus Points for your photography business.

Do you do these in your business each week?

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