Do you really know what your goals for your business are? Actionable and measurable goals so that you know exactly where you are on your way to achieving them and what you have to do?

Ask many people and they’ll say something like “I want to be able to earn enough so that I can support my family and give up my job.”

But what does that actually mean?

What exactly do you need to do achieve that goal?

You need to get way more specific or your progress will be so much more difficult –

  • how much do you need to be earning each year, each month to be able to do that?
  • what is your average client value?
  • how many clients each month, each week do I need to book to be able to earn that?
  • how many enquiries do I need to generate to book that number of clients each month, each week?
  • how many leads/email subscribers do I need each month, each week to generate that number of enquiries?

When you start to break your goals down into that kind of detail, you can then look at where you are on now, see the gap between the two and you can then put together a plan of intermediate goals and action steps, to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Now if you could wave a magic wand where would your business be in 90 days time?

  • How many new leads do you want in 90 days time?
  • How many prospects do you want on your email list?
  • How many clients do you want each week?
  • What is your monthly sales goal?

Focus every decision you make, everything you do, on how you can reach your 90-day goals.

Otherwise, you are just going to drift aimlessly in the tide.

You will always be in reactive mode, often frustrated and overwhelmed. Feeling hopeless because you are a victim of what happens to you, with no idea where your next clients are going to come from or how to book more.

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