Ever Have One of Those Days Where Everything Feels Harder Than It Should Be?

Ever have one of those mornings where your productivity is rock bottom, nothing gets done and everything feels harder than it should be?

Welcome to my day!

It’s 1.40pm and I’ve achieved diddly squat today. Apart from buying some fish from the fish van and signed up to try HelloFresh.

I’ve been ‘working’ for 4 hours now and yet my to-do list is still looming large and growing by the minute. I haven’t been able to check off anything at all (including writing this blog post – hopefully, that will change in a minute).

It’s been brutal for my productivity and all the other things I wanted to get done this morning.

Here’s the thing though, this happens.

It’s a natural part of work, it doesn’t matter if you’re working in a cube or from your kitchen table. Sometimes, you’re just not into it, or a thousand annoying things suck up your time.

When I have a rough morning it makes me want to close everything down and start binge watching The West Wing, again. I mean eight straight hours of Josiah Bartlet, C.J. Cregg, Leo McGarry and Donna Moss can always make my day better, right?

But, unfortunately, that’s not how things work most of the time. When I feel truly stuck in a rut, and struggle to kickstart my day, I have one big solution: I start really small.


A Quick Productivity Kick Start

Like tiny small. I check off one thing on my to-do list. I pick the easiest thing.

And if I don’t have something super easy on my list, I add one in there. Sometimes, I even add things I’ve already done just so I can check them off and give myself a pat on the back!

This could be truly stupid simple stuff like: Write an FB post or answer one email. And they don’t have be business related either.

I’ve jumpstarted my day by drinking a glass of water, putting something away or putting the washing on…

Action moves you forward. So when you’re stuck, take action.

Don’t think about it.

Don’t worry that it’s not enough.

Just do something.

When I follow this system, 95% of the time, I get my you know what in gear and start getting through my list. Some days, yep I stick with The West Wing, but those are very few and far between.

I truly think that taking action, productivity, organization, and all that good stuff is like building muscle. You have to get yourself into the habit of doing it on a consistent basis. Create systems for yourself that not only help you get those big goals, but also to get the ball rolling and help you be consistent.

And don’t give up!

So today here’s a challenge for you. Get one thing on your to-do list done. It might be tiny, it might be a back burner thing, it could be huge. Whatever it is, use it to propel yourself forward.

And then, wake up, and do the same thing tomorrow.

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