Get a peak inside our 80/20 KPIs...

...and see how my clients are doing with their real time progress and results

What gets measured gets improved

What We Track

My #1 goal is to help clients create businesses that give them freedom of choice and independence. A huge part of that is enjoying a business that is sustainable and profitable.

To do that, each month we track our progress in 5 areas, the 80/20 of progress tracking:

  • Leads Generated
  • Gross Revenue Generated
  • Profit Margin
  • Days in Your Genius
  • Days Free From Business

Why we track these 5 KPIs...

There are many valuable and important metrics or KPIs that you can track in your business.

However, I like to keep things as simple and easy so from a coaching perspective with my clients we use the 80/20 of metric tracking and track just five things, the last of which two may surprise you.

Although, I track more detailed metrics in my business, and I encourage more detailed metric tracking within the business, from a coaching perspective I like to keep this as simple and easy as possible for my clients, whilst still getting a great deal of benefit from the exercise.

Tracking these KPIs enables us to see the trend in the business and to spot potential issues and fix them before they become a "problem".

Credit to Taki Moore for the inspiration for this system.

A note about the graphs

The graphs below are all direct embeds from the software/portal that I use to work with my clients. 

Each month, they receive a short form by email where they enter their KPIs for the month. It's quick and easy. 

The system allows us to set a target for each metric. You will see this on some of the graphs below - the green areas represent where the target has been met and exceeded, the red areas show where the target has not been achieved. Clients find this a valuable tool and it allows us to catch potential issues and fix them before they become a "problem". 

On this page, the feed is only set to show the target on the KPIs where there is a common goal. I work with businesses with a range of revenues and revenue goals from 5-figures to high multiple 6-figures therefore there isn't a common goal for the first three KPIs shown.

Hovering over the graph with show more info.

Leads Generated

The first KPI is how many leads did the business generate during the past month. Leads are where everything starts when it comes to sales.

Leads are people who, in a manner that is appropriate to the particular business, have indicated an interest in what the business is selling. This is an important step on the way to becoming a customer and why leads are so important - it's where our clients and customers come from.

If we don't attract leads to the business we won't attract clients or sales. No sales, no business.

Direct feed of leads generated as reported by clients in the coaching portal, the graph shows total leads reported by participating clients:

Revenue Generated

Next up is monthly revenue.

I find that tracking gross revenue, combined with our third metric, gives a good overall picture of what's happening in the business from a sales perspective.

Direct feed of revenue generated as reported by clients in the coaching portal. The graph shows the total revenue reported by participating clients:

Profit Margin

The third KPI we track is profit as a percentage of gross revenue. It is often said that "Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity."

Direct feed of profit margins as reported by clients in the coaching portal. The graph shows the average profit margin across participating clients:

Days in Your Genius

We don't create our businesses so that we can spend most of our time in the drudgery of all the essential parts of running a business that drain us. We start our businesses so that we could spend more time doing what we enjoy. That's where this KPI comes in.

What is Genius? To quote Taki Moore, "It's the thing that you are gifted at, that you could do forever and never get bored and that you could learn about for a hundred million years".

It's also the thing that brings in the money to the business, and that's kind of important!

Think of Genius as the thing that lights your fire as opposed to all the other work that a business needs.

Therefore, each month, we track how much time was spent in Genius as a number of days, to the nearest half day.

It's amazing how many business owners end up spending all their time dealing with admin, finances, client care, and very little time in their Genius, doing the thing that brings in the revenue, and their reason for starting the business in the first place.

The purpose of tracking days in Genius is to shine a light on the reality of how the business owner spends their time with the goal of increasing the number of days spent in Genius each month.

Direct feed of days in genius as reported by clients in the coaching portal. The graph shows the total days for participating clients:

Days Free From Business

This is my favourite of all the numbers we track. It's also the one that my clients struggle with most.

 They are not alone, I've had to work on this too. There are two main reasons so many entrepreneurs and business owners struggle with this.

The first is that we love what we do and we are driven to do it.

The second is at the other end of the spectrum, where the business owner is having to hustle and grind just to tread water.

So what is a Day Free?

Using Dan Sullivan's definition, a day free is a 24-hour period from midnight to midnight not thinking about work/business, not reading about work, not checkin e-mail etc. 

That's a pretty strict definition and it's really difficult!

However, it is so important to take time away from your business, to recharge and refresh. We are not living to work all the time. One of the purposes of your business is to help you create the life that you want, to create independence and freedom of choice. You won't get that if you have to work 24/7 all the time.

Direct feed of days free From business as reported by clients in the coaching portal. The graph shows the total for participating clients: