Don’t Be Afraid To Change Direction

Achieve your work life balance

Hard as it may seem sometimes the right thing to do is change direction. I speak from experience.

My photography business, which I loved, had taken over my life. I felt like I had no balance in life. All I ever did was work on / in the business or think about the business. There was no time for relaxation and enjoying life. It got to the point where I could not stop thinking about the business.

It wasn’t healthy and I was no longer healthy either. All I did was focus on the business and neglect my health. Eating poorly, not exercising, not looking after my mind. I needed to change direction before I was forced to.

Frightened of walking away from a business that I had put so much hard work, heart and soul into I couldn’t see how I could claim my life back and earn a good living.

I was worried too what people might think. Would I be seen as a failure? Would I lose face?

I had already been thinking about developing other income streams to give a bit more security after a photographer friend couldn’t work for a month due to injury. I was looking for business ideas that were based on a one to many model rather than a one to one model. Businesses that could carry on earning without my direct input all the time.

Changes have been made. It has involved a lot of hard work, but it has been worth it. I am probably the happiest I have ever been. I am a lot healthier and fitter than I was. I relax and enjoy more time with my family.

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My photography business has been totally restructured to a way of working that suits me and the lifestyle that I want to live. I have other income streams that are growing and lots of ideas that I want to implement. We have never lived in a better time than now for entrepreneurs, work at home mums and small business owners. Technology and access to so much knowledge has levelled the playing field.

To change direction was an incredibly hard decision emotionally, but it was definitely the right decision.

I want to help others who want to change direction too. Entrepreneurs who feel like their dream has turned into a nightmare. Small business owners who feel that they no longer have a life. People who want to leave their job and start their own business, but avoiding the pitfalls of a traditional business model. Men and women who want to have a business and a life. That is why Working A Better Life exists.

I would love to hear your story too, what have been your biggest challenges? What areas do you need help with the most?

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