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What Not To Do In The Morning

There seems to be a proliferation of productivity  “What to Do First Thing In The Morning” posts and articles doing the rounds these days. Things like “8 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast”. If you were to take some of them to heart and follow through you would be either getting up at 3 am […]

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Are You Doing Too Much?

Most people do too much. Their businesses, and their lives, are cluttered with busy work and unnecessary activities that stop them from doing what’s important, the things that generate and bring in the money or their goals. They waste their most valuable commodity – time – by responding to what is perceived as urgent whilst ignoring […]

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How To Finish What You Started

A big challenge that many small business owners face is getting things done. You don’t always know how to finish what you started. I used to do this a lot. By our nature we have so many balls to juggle and so many ideas that we want to make happen that many of us will start things […]

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