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How To Bounce Back When Your Motivation Deserts You

Motivation is the key to reaching any goal. Motivation though, isn’t a constant thing. It ebbs and flows like the tide. You’ll have periods of high energy where you’re very productive, and times when you are lethargic and work is very difficult. [social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]The temptation to quit can be strong when your motivation ebbs. The […]

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6 Ways to Overcome Your Negative Thoughts

Everyone falls prey to negative thoughts sometimes. It’s like watching a movie that begins with clear skies and happiness and seeing it turn into dark clouds and horror. The bad thing is that there’s no eerie music to alert us when that turn takes place in our minds from positive to negative. We can only […]

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Understanding Self Talk

[social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]Your inner voice can make a huge difference in your happiness, success and productivity.[/social_quote] You’ve heard the old saying that you can easily talk to yourself, but when you begin to answer yourself, there’s a problem. Actually, that’s far from the truth. Listening to your talk and then providing answers can actually be very […]

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