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What’s The Best Way To Get Other Businesses To Send Referrals When They Already Have Connections

Video copyright 2018 Transcript: [00:00:00] It’s Louise Beattie here with another answer to one of your questions. And this time Darren asks “a lot of photographers and videographers have solid businesses built on getting referrals from wedding planners so they have really big jobs. I want to compete for those jobs but it’s going […]

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Pricing and Industry Going Rates (Retreat Photography)

Video copyright 2018 Transcript: Abby – Pricing and industry going rates.mp4 [00:00:01] Louise Beattie here and I’m here with ask me a question or answering your questions. So Abby said ” pricing, it’s still a minefield. One client says that’s expensive. Send the same pricing to another and they go wow, you’re really cheap.” […]

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