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Market Sophistication – Why So Many Businesses Are Struggling

The reason more and more business owners, even those with established businesses seem to be struggling to get more clients every month, often comes down to one thing – market sophistication. In the photography world, some have claimed that because of this it’s time to move out of the established genres like wedding and portrait […]

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Prospecting For Business Portrait Clients on LinkedIn

Video copyright 2018 Transcript: [00:00:00] Louise Beattie and I’ve got answers to one of your questions. This one is from Tova who says “I’d like to start taking more photos of business or more business portraits. I was thinking of sending a message via LinkedIn to people in my area. I need help with […]

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What’s The Best Way To Get Other Businesses To Send Referrals When They Already Have Connections

Video copyright 2018 Transcript: [00:00:00] It’s Louise Beattie here with another answer to one of your questions. And this time Darren asks “a lot of photographers and videographers have solid businesses built on getting referrals from wedding planners so they have really big jobs. I want to compete for those jobs but it’s going […]

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The Biggest Complaint I Hear From Photographers And What To Do About It…

Are you stuck in a stalemate, struggling to attract clients and bring in much money? Or maybe you’re finding that you’re getting pushback and resistance to your prices even though you’ve been in business for years? You are far from alone. One of the biggest complaints I hear from photographers is that people don’t value […]

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