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It Is Your Reaction…

Do you let your emotions guide your reactions? Try not to react to situations negatively, but remember that they just are. It is only our emotions and reactions that give them a negative quality. Sometimes easier said than done I know, but your emotional reaction will not change a situation. But your reaction may make […]

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Multiply Your Opportunities

Do you ever wish that more opportunities would come your way? Do you grasp every opportunity that you have or do you let them slip by, telling yourself that you will act tomorrow? What is the biggest opportunity that you let go? Maybe you have more opportunities than you realise. Always be on the look […]

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Happiness Depends On

What does your happiness depend on? Do you rely on outward influences for your happiness, or does your happiness come from within? Do you allow how much money you have in the bank, or how your possessions to influence your happiness or does your contentment come from a sense of peace of mind? Tell us […]

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Begin It

  We are often told that we can achieve our goals, that we need to have dreams and that we can achieve them. However, one important bit is often left out. We need to take action to achieve our goals and dreams. We need to begin. It can be just a small step, each and […]

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A Good Laugh And A Long Sleep

You can’t argue with this Irish proverb. Laughter definitely makes you feel better and I don’t think we laugh enough these days as we get so caught up in trying to achieve our goals and dreams. The same can be said for sleep too. More and more studies show the importance of getting a good […]

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Don’t Wait For Leaders

Waiting for a leader to show you the way? Don’t. Stand up, make your own way. Your path will open up for you. It is ok to do things alone, you do not need to wait for someone to follow or for others to walk along the path with you. [social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]Do not wait […]

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